Connecting Kids to Coverage Initiative

FCCAM has recently sent out the information that is linked in this posting to family child care provides across the state. Understanding the importance to families to be able to have insurance coverage for their children we felt it was important to support the Connecting Kids to Coverage initiative by helping to get the word out.

The following is part of the message FCCAM sent out from Eric Buch, Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator with Connecting Kids to Coverage:

Hello Family Child Care Providers,

As recently as 2010, Maine had one of the lowest uninsured child rates in the nation (4%), but as rates have declined steadily across the country, the trend in Maine has headed in the opposite direction (our 2015 rate was 6.3%, ranking Maine in 37th place). Now, an estimated 17,300 Maine children are uninsured, at least 9,500 of whom likely are eligible for MaineCare. Maine’s rate increase is due to the Legislature having lowered the ceiling for adult participation in MaineCare in 2012-13 from 200% to 100% of the Federal Poverty Level. Thus, tens of thousands of low-income adults lost their health insurance and, we believe, many parents simply assumed that their children lost eligibility as well. The actual household income requirements for children to participate in MaineCare/CHIP did not change.

Last summer, Consumers for Affordable Health Care (CAHC) and several nonprofit partners secured a two-year grant to establish the Connecting Kids to Coverage initiative and undertake a series of actions to enroll at least 1,500 uninsured children under age 20, along with 1,000 adults, in MaineCare. In addition, Connecting Kids aims to assist in the annual re-enrollment of a further 2,600 children and adults to ensure that they do not lose their existing coverage.

We are reaching out to a wide variety of groups to gain their assistance in connecting with the parents (or caregivers) of uninsured children – family visitors, Head Start programs, child care centers and family child care providers, schools, after-school providers, food pantries, organizations serving recent immigrants, and others. We believe that trusted educators and human care providers offer the best chance to convince parents of the importance of having health insurance for their children and connect them to local resource people who can provide hands-on assistance in completing MaineCare applications.

We ask that you provide your parents or caregivers with information about Connecting Kids, the list of MaineCare benefits for children, and the contact information for local navigators and assisters who can help them apply with the proper documentation. Or, if they prefer, you may make a formal referral by submitting a signed Connecting Kids referral form by fax to Consumers for Affordable Health Care or by contacting the local navigator or assister directly on the parent’s (or caregiver’s) behalf to arrange an initial appointment.

Thank you for your attention to this material and your active participation in our collective efforts to make certain that all of Maine’s children are covered by health insurance. If you have questions about the Connecting Kids to Coverage project, please do not hesitate to contact me at the address below. For questions that are more specific to MaineCare or other forms of health insurance coverage, I encourage you to contact the Consumers for Affordable Health Care HelpLine at 1-800-968-7476.



Eric S. Buch, Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator  – Connecting Kids to Coverage

Maine Children’s Alliance | 207.623.1868 x 205 |

The link below will take you to a resource that links directly to each county’s  navigators or assisters.

2017 Connecting Kids to Coverage: County Contacts & Profiles

For a referral form click here.