Proposed Licensing Rule

We have been waiting on changes to licensing and this notice just came through email  from Janet S. Whitten, MSW, Children’s Licensing & Investigation Manager~

2 thoughts on “Proposed Licensing Rule

  1. I am all about simplifying the process for all child care providers as long as health & safety are in place. I think Cpr/First Aid should be able to count in your training hours. However, I do not feel that fire drills should be cut down or that personal references should be eliminated. I also do not understand why a provisional license woud be excluded for home daycare. I understand I may not understand your reasoning on these issues as I am a director of a center.


    1. Marlene, Some of the points you have raised in your comment have also been raised by family child care providers. Our posts on the Licensing Rule being proposed by DHHS and the accompanying survey, are to engage providers and provide them with a place to express their thoughts. FCCAM will be providing written testimony from the results of the survey. As well as stating our concern about moving the profession forward and encouraging improvement of quality across all programs.


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