Changes to Child Development Services (CDS) System are Ahead

Significant changes to the Child Development Services (CDS) System are ahead with adoption of LD 1870.

The proposed changes means a shifting of responsibility for early intervention services for 3 – under 6 year olds (Part B) to our public schools. There will also be impact to Part C – birth to under 3 years old.

The 15-member commission appointed by the Department of Education has made final recommendations on the original proposed plan.

Beliefs directing recommended changes:
  • children with disabilities are best served by their local communities
  • children do better when there are fewer transition points
  • efficiencies that can be achieved by eliminating duplicative state functions and maximizing existing services and facilities at the local level

Points (pulled from Summary of LD 1870):

1) LD 1870 eliminates the Child Development Services (CDS) System.
2) Moves the responsibility for providing services to children from birth to under 3 years of age (Part C) to the Department of Education’s office of special services. 
3) Moves responsibility for providing special education and related services for children who are at least 3 years of age and under 6 years of age from the Child Development Services (CDS) System to the school administrative units of residence of the children.

Full responsibility for costs will be shared by state funds, federal funds, the MaineCare program and private insurers. 

For complete details on all meetings and final recommendations:
Public input can be sent to the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, just reference LD 1870. A public hearing is to be scheduled.