Response Requested

Parties engaged in early childhood education often reach out to FCCAM to support their programs or projects. Some we are able to directly respond to. Some we provide supporting information to. Some we pass information out to members and the wider provider community asking for responses.

Recently FCCAM received this email:

Good Morning,
My name is Emily Bartlett, I am originally from the Lake Region area and am currently a graduate student in public health at the University of New England. For my capstone this summer, I am working with the Cumberland District Public Health Council to work on research in Cumberland County of current ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) knowledge and training at schools and childcare centers. There is a few minute survey that I wish to send out to childcare centers within Cumberland County.
I wanted to reach out to inquiry if you would be able to assist me with the dissemination of this survey through your contacts, or if you would be able to assist me in compiling this list of contacts. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out and I’d love to talk further with you via phone.
Thank you for your assistance, it’s greatly appreciated!

FCCAM provided some direct information and also agreed to pass along the survey information through our social media.

Good Afternoon,

My name is Emily Bartlett, and I am from the Lake Region area of Cumberland County but now live in Portland, where I am working on my Master’s capstone at the University of New England. I understand it’s a very busy time of year, but I would appreciate your participation in the survey below on youth centers in Cumberland County. Please fill out the survey no later than July 6th.

There are no right or wrong answers! None of the questions will ask for personal information and your organization/facility will not be identified either. If you would like more information about the survey or would like to request more information please reach out by email ( or phone at 207-577-9693.

Survey link :

Thank you for your time!

For this survey, “youth centers” is inclusive of any program providing care to youth. You are able to respond to the survey as a family child care provider.