Maine’s CCDF (FFY19-21) State Plan

We have posted links to the draft of the state plan and asked you to consider sending in your comment. Members of FCCAM Board and public policy committee have participated on a number of calls discussing the draft of the state’s CCDF plan. Today, FCCAM submitted the following comments to be added to the public record for consideration. Our comments align with many of the recommendations being made by the organizations we have been in discussion with, and who will be present at today’s public hearing.

A few highlights:

FCCAM feels strongly that CCDF monies would be well used in support of of such items as: developing Resource Development Centers, providing financial incentives to provide infant care/grants or loans for equipment/support in becoming licensed/ and proceeding through QRIS. Training is important, but resources need to be used in alternatives beyond training.

We also feel strongly that all programs or individuals receiving CCDF subsidy payments for care they provide children need to meet the minimal health and safety standards of CPR training and background check.

We would also like to see subsidy payments be for the care slot and not the direct hours of care, while also covering the period of the job search for families as they transition from training to work. This is important for  continuity of care.

Here is our complete submission:

FCCAM CCDF Public Comments 2018