Early Childhood Investigations

Early Childhood Investigations Webinars – Early Childhood Investigations offers an ongoing series of conference-quality free webinars for early childhood educators. Webinars are presented by many of the thought-leaders and experts in the field of early care and education exploring critical topics that offer new ideas and insights to early childhood professionals. Training certificates are accepted for licensing.

  • Each Early Childhood Investigation Webinars offers 1.5 hrs of FREE training.
  • Webinars can be taken live or through archived recordings.
  • Training certificates are available for both live and archived trainings.

ECI regularly offers new trainings. You can also research their vast archive of recordings of past webinars for specific topics/areas.

Tip: To save time – subscribe to get information on all new trainings and be sure to sign up for any training of interest, so you get the archived direct link.

So how do you access these trainings…….

How to access the live webinar (as of 2018, ECI is using GoToWebinar):

Register for each training separately. You do not need to set up an account, but to save time, if you subscribe to ECI you get information on all new trainings emailed you.

  • For live webinars you are provided with a link by email. If you miss the live webinar you will get an email with a link to the archived presentation. You can use this link at any time that works for you.
  • Just click on that link at the time of the webinar (* ideal is to click in about 5 minutes early, as some of there webinars have such high interest early click in guarantees you a slot).
  • If you do not already have the GoToMeeting application on your device, you will see a dialog box that indicates that you are downloading a small application to your device. This is safe and reliable software that provides you access to the webinar. It should only take a few seconds. If prompted to allow the application to install, click “Yes, Grant or Trust” to accept the download.
  •  You will see either the webinar in progress or a message that indicates that the session has not yet begun with instructions to hold. If you have internal or external speakers or a headset connected to your computer, you will be able to hear when there’s something to hear.

    Most devices have built in speakers, but if you do not, you will need to join the audio portion of the Webinar. Check the Control Panel, on the left side of your screen, for “Audio”. The audio number and a PIN number will be visible on the control panel. You will need to call the number you see and follow the instructions. These numbers can also be found in the Webinar confirmation and/or reminder emails.

  • You will join the Webinar with your microphone (if you have one) muted. That means you can hear the session, but the presenters can’t hear you. Most webinars are listen only.
  • OK! You are logged in!  

How to Participate:
You can listen through your computer speakers or  your phone.

  • Be sure to turn off all other applications you may have running on your device during the session.
  • Adjust the volume of your speakers to ensure you can hear well.

Using the Control Panel:

Once you have joined the webinar you will see the Attendee Control Panel and Grab Tab. The Control Panel contains sections that can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the +/- on the left side of each section.

  • Grab Tab – Click ORANGE arrow to open/close Control Panel.
  • Audio – Select audio format. Click Audio Setup to select Mic & Speakers devices
  • Questions pane – You “chat” your questions. You will see a running thread of questions and answers in this section of the Control Panel.
    • Type your question and click Send to submit it to the organizer
  • Webinar details – Provided for quick reference 

You are responsible for downloading your certificate for the webinar. You will need Adobe Reader to open and print your certificate. (Most computers have the software, but if not you can download it here. It’s free.Certificates are specific to each training. 

ECI provides a link to download a free Certificate of Attendance for every webinar offered. You can also apply separately to purchase Continuing Education Units from University of Oklahoma.

Certificates of Attendance and CEUs are different. You may need to produce a certificate to prove that you attended professional development for required professional development. CEUs are partial course credits that can be applied to the process of earning a credential or degree.

There are three ways to receive certificates for live viewing:

  1. When prompted, download your certificate during the webinar, by going to the “Handouts” pane in your control panel.
    1. Click + to open the pane
    2. Click on the link to access the certificate
    3. Your default webinar browser will automatically launch and open a blank page and the handout file will automatically start downloading.
  2. The full link to download a certificate is included in an email sent within 24 hours to all participants who attended the live session. If you do not receive your certificate email, please check your “junk” or “spam” folder in your email system. 
    * NOTE: We rely on an automated system provided by GoToWebinar to send out the links to certificates to the email provided at registration. The system only sends emails with the link to the certificates to individuals who have logged in by clicking on the link sent in the confirmation and reminder to watch the webinar. 
  3. We also announce and display on the screen a “shortened” link on the final two slides at THE END of every session. To obtain the certificate with the shortened link, write down the link displayed on the screen. After the session, enter the link into your browser to download the certificate.

If you receive an email with the subject line “We’re sorry you could not attend the webinar”, the system did not record your presence, and you will have to get the link by watching the archived recording of the session. The email will include a link to the recording.

How to access the webinar in archived version: (Recordings are posted within 48 hours after the session concludes.)

  1. Click on the direct link provided with your registration confirmation email or in the archive search listing.
  2. You will see a description of the webinar.
  3. At end of description click on: Session Recording: View
  4. This links to a video recording of the webinar.
  5. Start the video.

This is a recording of the live webinar, so you will have the lead in, sponsor info and if any glitch happens during the live webinar you will experience it here.

You can stop and reverse to review this recording. 

To watch full screen click on the 4 arrows forming a square after the HD on the run bar.