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12 Hours of Training…… Let’s Get to It!

Providers in Maine are very lucky to have a variety of options for earning the required 12 hours of training annually for licensing. For those participating in the state’s QRIS -Quality for ME, getting the additional required training hours for each level is also very doable.

  • Attend face-to-face full-day conferences that are offered generally in the Fall and the Spring, with discounts for members of FCCAM and MaineAEYC.
  • Take online training through Maine Roads to Quality (MRTQ).
  • Local provider network groups that providers have founded over the years or are part of the CoP program facilitated by MRTQ.
  • Monthly online CoP just for family child care providers using Zoom (how to join a zoom meeting/call)
  • Online trainings that provide certificates, cover a wide range of topics and are mostly FREE. FCCAM has linked to many of the organizations offering these training under “Training” in the top menu.

This variety of opportunities handles the most common barriers we hear about:

  • time of training,
  • travel distance,
  • cost and
  • training topic relevance.

As providers our time is truly limited. Tight budgets mean thinking twice on spending $ for trainings. Yes, the cost is tax deductible, but it can be hard to see $ going for something you see no value in. Getting comfortable with using technology to access online training will allow us each to focus on trainings that support the practices of our program and the individual needs of the children in care, not just earning those 12 hours, at both a cost and a convenient time.

FCCAM can help with getting comfortable using online trainings. We’ve put specific directions under “Training”/”Online Training Sites”. You will find specific organizations broken out in the drop-down menu. There are specific directions for setting up individual accounts and then accessing trainings. Still not sure, email us to arrange for a call to help you further.

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Example of past trainings presented through edWed early childhood education groups. These groups are open to everyone. You just need to sign up for the group.

Messy Science: Using Art to Promote Scientific Reasoning

Creative, Arts-Based STEM Learning in Early Childhood

Supporting Preschool Science Learning Through Music


TIP#1: Registering for online training webinars means you will receive links to an archived version. Don’t worry about the time of the live webinar. These archived versions also have the certificates available and the best part is they can be viewed whenever it works for you. You get access to topics of interest to you, variety in training, FREE and at a time it works for you. If you have weak wifi access at home, check out your local library.

TIP#2: Get a set of headphones (or earbuds). Having headphones means only you will hear the training. This frees up more times to take the trainings, like rest time. Is also great if you take trainings at a location outside your home, like local library, waiting room for dance lessons, etc. Headphones with a microphone also are great for live trainings like the Online CoP that use a platform like Zoom for active participation. These microphones cut out background noise from the participants side.


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