First Steps to Family Child Care Community of Practice

FCCAM is happy to be part of a new statewide/online Community of Practice specifically for those new to Family Child Care. We encourage anyone new to family child care to register below. Come and see what this supportive community can provide you!

The First Steps to Family Child Care CoP will be a place for those just entering family child care to gather together to support their journey into this profession. Licensed Exempt providers who might be interested in expanding their program are also encouraged to join this CoP. (Licensed Exempt providers who are not looking to increase their program and have been offering care for more than a few years are welcome to join the Statewide Online CoP for FCC Providers – see the sidebar for monthly info on this group.) A members of FCCAM’s Board have volunteered to be sure one experienced provider is on each call to help build the connection.

How does a CoP work?

Most CoPs meet monthly for approximately two hours. Practitioners are invited to join at any time. During the meetings, the professionals in the group share ideas and skills with their peers and brainstorm together about their professional learning needs. MRTQ PDN sponsored CoPs are offered support from a trained facilitator.

How do you join this Community of Practice?

Just click on the registration link, complete the form and submit it. You will get a follow-up email to confirm registration that provides the call information. It’s that simple.

Register Here!

An online CoP allows those attending to join from home, removing barriers of time/travel. Being statewide it also provides a chance to develop a wider network. Family child care is an isolating profession and professional networks are extra important to have for support. These calls are also free. Accessing through a computer or tablet is best because of the ability to view shared materials and also see others participating. Don’t let computer problems stop you from joining the call. With broadband issues in parts of Maine, the phone option is sometimes the only connection one has. All resources viewed will be shared outside the call also.

If you have not been on a Zoom conference call before we have support for that. Just click on “Zoom” under the “Tech Tools” in the top menu for links to tutorials. The facilitator of this CoP is also happy to do an individual practice run before the actual call.