Hello, Health and Human Services Committee!

The Health and Human Services committee sent out an invite to interested parties to come introduce themselves this week. FCCAM was happy to be able to take advantage of this opportunity this year. Sasha Shunk, FCCAM Treasurer and Chair of the Outreach Committee, was able to attend yesterday afternoon, speak in person and provide written materials to HHS committee members.

The response from committee members was very positive. This in person meeting provided them a better understanding of the work we do, how we differ from centers, and why it’s nearly impossible for us to give testimony in person. Legislators who have served previously on the committee mentioned they have been appreciative of the written testimonies FCCAM has provided, in past years, during public comment on bills. HHS committee members mentioned to Sasha they have a new appreciation for us! They were thankful a representative of FCCAM and family child care providers in Maine was able to attend.

Sasha relayed a verbal invitation for any member of the committee to visit any of our programs. FCCAM will be sending an official invitation to invite them to visit family childcare programs to see us “in action.”

For a copy of the written material we provided HHS committee members click here.