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New On-line Process to Submit Testimony on Bills!

Beginning April 22, 2019 the Maine Legislature will no longer accept testimony through e-mail. 

With the large numbers of individual testimonies being submitted by emails to committee clerks, the Legislature has created a new process to submit testimony online. With this change, if you plan to provide testimony in-person you should not use the online system.

How to use this new submission process:

  • Access the page to submit testimony online
  • Choose the committee
  • Choose the date/time of the public hearing
  • Check the bill for which you plan to provide testimony from the list provided.
  • Cut and paste your testimony or attach a file.
  • Supply your name, town/organization, and email address.

For your convenience, a new submission form will be available 24/7 through the Maine Legislature’s website at This system will automate the distribution of electronic testimony to the committee members, analyst and clerk. Testimony will continue to be included in the public record for committee meetings. Do not include personal information that you do not want made public. Testimony emailed directly to the committee clerk will not be included in the public record or posted to the web page.

If you are planning to attend the hearing and provide paper copies, please do not submit your testimony electronically.

Links to the new submission form will be available on both the home page and committee pages.

For questions or assistance, please contact the Legislative Information Office at 287-1692.

Maine’s citizens are engaging beyond just voting. Our voices are being heard on specific bills through our written testimonies.


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