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LD 1584 ~ ECE Workforce Bill Gets a Public Hearing 5/9/19

A public hearing has been scheduled for LD 1584An Act To Attract, Build and Retain an Early Childhood Education Workforce through Increased Training, Education and Career Pathway” on Thursday, May 9th.

This is an Early Childhood Education workforce bill that establishes career pathways, supports career and technical education centers (CTE), an ECE apprenticeship program, funds scholarships, and focuses on compensation with salary supplements. FCCAM has been providing input specifically around family child care to MaineAEYC and the Right from the Start Coalition as they moved forward with this bill

Summary of LD 1584

If bill passes it would:
•    Expand early childhood education programs at career and technical education centers
•    Expand the apprenticeship program registered with the Department of Labor for those working in the field of early care and education
•    Provide comprehensive scholarships for early childhood educators and providers working with children up to age five
•    Provide education and experience-based salary supplements for early childhood educators and providers working with young children up to age five who are employed in licensed centers and family child care 
•    Build comprehensive articulation agreements & stackable credentials for early childhood educators in Maine to improve recruitment and retention of a highly-qualified workforce

FCCAM believes this bill begins to address the early childhood workforce shortage. Public investment needs to occur to help reverse the decline in the number of family child care professionals. Family child care professionals need to be able to support themselves and their families. For many making less than $15 per hour means they are struggling, as much as many of the families they serve, in making ends meet.

Healthy wages supports quality child care programs.

A healthy child care system supports a healthy Maine economy.

Family child care professionals are an important part of the child care system in Maine.

The child care workforce is the workforce behind the workforce!

Please consider write personal testimony in support of this bill. It’s pretty easy to do with the new online submission format.

This bill is being heard by the IDEA committee, so here is how to start your testimony , plus a general testimony template:

Testimony of ___(your name)___

(you can add Member of FCCAM here if you are one of our members)

before the Committee on Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Business

in support of L.D. 1584 “An Act To Attract, Build and Retain an Early Childhood Education Workforce through Increased Training, Education and Career Pathways”  


Senator Herbig, Representative Daughtry, and distinguished members of the Committee On Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Business, my name is _____ and I’m __what is your work or role connected to young children___.  I strongly support this proposal to develop career pathways for early educators, including professional supports, and a focus on compensation.

(add a few sentences about personal experiences around wages, education, workforce issues…..)

Maine’s children and families need a strong, sustainable child care system. Without quality child care programs, parents cannot work. Without workers, our state and local economies suffer. We need effective strategies to recruit and retain a strong early childhood workforce. LD1584 will grow our early childhood workforce supporting Maine’s future prosperity.


Business name


FCCAM works to unify, promote and strengthen quality professional family child care in Maine. We are the state affiliate of the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC). We are the only professional association in Maine dedicated specifically to supporting family child care providers. FCCAM understands the critical role of family child care providers in the lives of children and families. We also understand the hard work and long hours that are required to provide the much needed child care services in Maine’s diverse communities. FCCAM provides opportunities to network both locally and statewide with other family child care professionals for training and support. Through collaboration with other organizations we are engaged with advocating for children and their families in Maine, increasing awareness of our professionalism and value to our communities.