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Just What is MRTQ PDN?

Our next series of posts will focus on the professional side of child care in Maine.

Who knows what “MRTQ PDN” stands for and who can be part of it?

~ Maine Roads to Quality Professional Development Network ~ here to promote and support professionalism in the early care and education field. Professional Development, not Political Advocacy.

~ Anyone working or supporting early childhood professionals including those who own a family child care home, works in a center of any size, works with children in an out-of-school time setting, or cares for 2 unrelated children as a legal, licensed exempt provider can be part of this voluntary registry.  

How does MRTQ PDN support providers?

It starts with the Registry, which is a professional recognition system for individual providers. The registry tracks members’ work, trainings, Early Childhood credentials, and educational history. The accumulated experiences meet different professional levels on an established career lattice. As members add to their professional experiences they can advance on the career lattice. The Registry is a convenient way of keeping track of your trainings and educational accomplishments. Print off a hardcopy to have for licensing. It’s FREE. All you need to do is sign up!

Career lattices help people visualize and learn about the job options that are available as they progress through a career. Career lattices may be used to:

show potential career progression,

inform about the training, education, and developmental experiences that support career objectives, and

focus workforce development efforts.

Trainings are offered across Maine (e.g., one-day workshops, graduate-level college course work, Online, ITV, and face-to-face trainings).

For a full list of current training opportunities and links to register search the MRTQ PDN Online Training Calendar.

Maine Credentials are statewide credentialing options for providers who wish to focus their training on a specific age group or population. Maine offers the following Credentials administered by MRTQ PDN:

  • Infant/ Toddler I & II
  • Inclusion
  • Youth Development
  • Director

Technical Assistance supports providers improve the quality of their programs, find solutions to challenges, and/or sustain best practices. This support is provided by the 8 District Early Childhood and Youth Coordinators.

“District Early Childhood and Youth Coordinators (DCs) serve as a resource to the early childhood and youth workforce to support quality improvement in all areas of Maine. The DCs are professionals with extensive experience working in early childhood and out-of-school time settings. Our goal is to build strong relationships with practitioners and programs. The primary function of each DC is to provide TA, which includes on-site consultation (OC) and facilitating peer-to-peer networks (e.g., Communities of Practice or Maine Credential cohorts).”

The Warm Line can be the first step when you need accurate information to support the inclusion of children with special health needs, disabilities, mental health concerns, or challenging behavior in your program.

The Warm Line is NOT a hotline.  If your situation is serious and urgent, treat it as an emergency and CALL 911.

Use this resource which is there to provide preventative and non-emergency person-to-person support and resources. The MRTQ PDN Warm Line is jointly staffed by professionals with expertise in inclusive practices; disabilities; children’s health, social, and emotional development; behavior; and early childhood mental health. Advice is just a call or email away! Email: or call 1-844-209-5964. Office hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm
(except for state and federal holidays and University of Maine system wide snow days).

If you are not already on the Registry, FCCAM and MRTQ PDN are happy to provide any help you might need.

Do this for yourself as a Family Child Care Professional!

UPDATE (June 13, 2019) ~

MRTQ Registry has a new look and changes regarding use of the Registry.

Password Security – new requirements to the Registry password to improve security:

  • Be at least 8 characters long
  • Include at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter
  • Include at least one number (digit)
  • Include at least one special character (!@#$%^&*)

Registry Access to MRTQ PDN Trainings – On-Demand and Online Training Access is now a one-step process. Registry members can simply click a button from the Registry to enroll and access their Moodle account.


FCCAM works to unify, promote and strengthen quality professional family child care in Maine. We understand the critical role of child care providers in the lives of children and families. Through collaboration with other organizations we work to increase awareness of our profession and the value of a strong child care system to Maine's diverse communities.