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Legislative Session Update

The Executive Director of MaineAEYC, Tara Williams, has shared information from Maine Children’s Alliance’s last legislative update on the budget vote and final bill enactments. The Public Policy Committee of FCCAM wanted to share information about the bills we have been active on this legislative session.

Maine State Budget

  • Friday, June 14th, the Maine Legislature passed an almost $8 billion-dollar two-year state budget.
  • Monday, June 17th Governor Mills signed the budget.


  • $125 million for voter-approved Medicaid expansion
  • $111 million for K-12 education
  • $17 million more for public colleges and universities
  • seeks to move the state toward a $40,000 minimum public PreK-12 teacher salary
  • hires dozens more child protection workers.

Special Appropriations Table

This session Legislators introduced 1,846 bills. The 241 bills that passed in the House and Senate were placed on the Special Appropriations Table waiting on a decision on funding by the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee. If funded the bill will be enacted. Members of the Appropriations Committee began meeting on Sunday, June 16th, to review the bills on the Special Appropriations Table. 

Following negotiations between the Governor and legislative leadership, there was approximately $6 million dollars available to support the 241 bills. (The 241 bill needed about $820million to all be funded.) Members of the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee completed voting on the bills each caucus had prioritized shortly after midnight, June 19th.

Of the bills the Public Policy Committee has informed you on through postings on this website, through our Facebook page and through email, LD 997, the social emotional bill sponsored by Senator Cathy Breen, was the only one out of this legislative session that will be funded.

Child Care Bond

The work on the bond including the proposed $5 million for low-interest loans and grants for child care programs has not been completed yet.


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