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Infant/Toddler Subsidy Payment Changes Coming

All providers in Maine should have recently received an email from their licensing specialist about a significant change around payment for infant/toddler care to providers who participate in the Child Care Subsidy Program. You might have overlooked it if you are not currently providing subsidy care. Neither $100 per week per infant nor 10% I/T quality bump isn’t something to overlook if you have families that qualify for subsidy, if you have openings and/or are open to caring for infants/toddlers.

Following is our quick take away from the letter. Be sure to check with CCSP and/or MRTQ PDN for all the specifics (contact info at end of the post).

Maine is expected to receive an increase of approximately $8 million in funding from the federal Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG). The CCDBG is the primary funding source for the Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP). The Office of Child & Family Services (OCFS) has developed a plan for usage of the increased CCDBG funding based on the goals and strategies of the Children’s Cabinet, the needs assessment and strategic plan that resulted from the Preschool Development Grant Planning Grant, the child care mapping conducted with the Bipartisan Policy Center, and the three-year CCDBG State Plan.

With the goal of increasing providers accepting infants and toddlers under CCSP, one of the strategies is to provide licensed child care providers with a CCSP agreement, an opportunity to receive a weekly stipend of up to $100 per infant and a 10% quality bump payment for infant/toddlers.

  • Providers must be participating in the Quality for ME (Maine’s QRIS)
  • Be current in their (and staff) Maine Roads to Quality (MRTQ) registry
  • Be in compliance with the required CCDF state approved 6-hour health and safety training at the time of each payment cycle.

The weekly stipend will go to CCSP providers caring for infants who are in care for twenty (20) or more hours per week.

The 10% quality bump payment for infant/or toddlers is for any CCSP Provider caring for infants and toddlers and is not dependent on hours of care.

The 10% I/T bump payment will be based on market rate or provider rate and billed hours per week. Rates will not exceed the Department established market rate or the child care provider’s rate, whichever is less.

Infant means a child six (6) weeks of age through twelve (12) months of age. Toddler means (12) months through thirty-six (36) months of age.

The Department expects the benefits to begin by early summer.

For more information on CCSP or becoming a CCSP provider please contact our office at 1-877-680-5866 or 207-624-7999 or

If you have further questions about the health and safety training, to update your MRTQ registry, to sign up for QRIS, or other MRTQ PDN services, please contact MRTQ at 1-888-900-0055 or


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