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CPR / First Aid certificate has or is going to expire?

Providers are dealing with another hurdle in maintaining their license due to COVID-19 ~ Expiration of CPR/First Aid certificates and not having access to the hands-on/live trainings required by licensing. See the info below ~

Q: My CPR / First Aid certificate has or is going to expire, and I can’t find a class?

A: During the current State of Civil Emergency, Children’s Licensing & Investigation Services will accept online renewal for CPR / First Aid. OCFS is temporarily waiving the hands-on skills portion until classes become available again. If you are certifying for the first time, we are not waiving the hands-on component. Please reach out to your Child Care Licensing Specialist for further guidance.

American Red Cross and American Heart Association are offering certification extensions.

UPDATED: Interim Guidance on Card Extensions during COVID-19 Outbreak March 31, 2020

Purpose: To provide additional flexibility for providers, AHA Instructors, and Instructor candidates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NOTE: This guidance on card extensions supersedes the guidance outlined in the March 13, 2020, document, “Interim Guidance on Extensions for AHA Instructor & Provider Cards during COVID-19 Outbreak.”

AHA Instructor and Provider Card Extensions

Per the statement regarding further extensions of AHA course completion cards beyond 60 days past the recommended renewal day (in interim guidance released on March 13, 2020), and given the ongoing threat of exposure to COVID-19, with many communities under shelter in place orders to minimize the spread of the disease, the AHA is extending AHA Instructor and Provider Course Completion Cards for 120 days beyond their recommended renewal date, beginning with cards that expire in March 2020.


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