Liability Waivers and Communicable Disease Exclusion

Questions around liability are still being heard in provider groups. FCCAM has posted on liability waivers and has samples on handbook language available in our Business Toolkit and COVID-19 sections found in the Top Menu.

Here is a recent posting by Tom Copeland on the question. We’ve pulled the following information from that post, as it’s newer information that providers need to be aware of:

“…there are changes coming in the insurance industry because of COVID-19.

Watch out for a new “Communicable Disease Exclusion” endorsement to your policy that says your policy does not apply to communicable diseases. Such an endorsement will say that your policy doesn’t cover ”bodily injury” or “property damage” arising out of the actual or alleged transmission of a communicable disease that might affect staff or ”others that may be infected.”

Such endorsements can be added to your policy at any time. Watch for them or ask your insurance agent if your policy has this new endorsement. …”