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Childhood Vaccine Clinics

COVID-19 has impacted connections with primary health care professionals for many families, especially when it’s about wellness visits. This impact on wellness visits is known to be having a negative impact on the timely vaccination of children. It is important for families that want to follow the recommended vaccination schedule to be able to maintain their child’s vaccines up to date. Here is information you can share with your families regarding the CDC vaccination schedule and clinics currently available in Maine.

Current CDC recommended schedule for vaccinations:

Information about the preventable diseases that are covered through vaccinations:

The Maine Immunization Program is currently working with local Public Health Nurses to offer clinics across the state to help children get their recommended immunizations. Click this link to find a current clinic near you.

Family child care providers, as part of maintaining their license, are legally required to provide annual information to the state, for children not of school age, in regards to their vaccinations.


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