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What is this new curriculum SEL4ME?

The Maine Department of Education has released a new PreK-12th grade Social Emotional Learning curriculum: SEL4ME. This offering is free, comprehensive, CASEL aligned and trauma informed. This is Maine’s first, state owned and free, PreK-12th grade Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum. SEL4ME is structured to be used as a Primary Prevention and Trauma Informed practice. 

Professionals with 50+ years of experience in education, student/parent engagement and staff/administrator professional development have developed SEL4ME  lessons to aligned with industry established best practices. The lessons include over 450 modules that cover PreK-12 scaffolded by grade. The SEL4ME content will continue to be edited, and added to.

Through our work with children of all ages, family child care providers understand the importance of Social Emotional Learning standards being integrated into our curriculum/program. Children need to develop these skills for the positive impacts on their future both for academic success and becoming positive members in their community.  While family child care providers are familiar with the Social Emotional Learning standards within the Infant/Toddler Guidelines and the MELDS, the SEL4ME curriculum is an additional support they might find beneficial for their programs.

Understanding the WHAT, WHY and HOW TO’s of Social Emotional Learning will provide you more detail on SEL. (from the Maine DOE Social Emotional Learning page)

You will need to register and set up an account to access these resources. For family child care providers who work with Pre-K through school-age when you register you can list yourself as a “Private School”.

Kellie Bailey, MDOE Social Emotional Learning Specialist will be offering training and support for the new SEL4ME curriculum: Tuesdays 7-8PM and Thursdays 3-4:00PM, beginning Dec. 1, 2020.

SEL4ME Content Support Registration is necessary to get link for any of the trainings.

SEL 101 for Educators Trainings Page

For further questions, please contact Kellie Bailey, Maine DOE Social Emotional Learning Specialist at


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