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Licensing Rule Meets FCCAM’s Business Toolkit

The Professional Learning Committee (PLC) maintains a Business ToolKit as a part of this website. From the start the purpose behind the Business Toolkit has been to provide family child care providers with a go to place for resource links, tips and templates to support the business end of strong, professional, sustainable family child care programs. From feedback on the usage of the Toolkit and questions arising around the 12/30/2020 release of the proposed Family Child Care Licensing Rule the PLC know there was the need for support specific to this proposed Rule. How best to accomplish this became the question…

From past experience with revision of FCC Licensing Rules, the PLC is not expecting significant changes to what we received in the 12/30/2020 draft as Maine needs to meet Federal standards by Sept. 2021. Once adoption is finalized the Rule is immediately in effect., so the PLC encourages providers to begin to comply with the changes required by this Rule now.

After spending hours going over these proposed changes it was decided to address the Licensing Rule as a stand alone part of the Business Toolkit. The Licensing Rule has been copied word for word and is now posted on the website. This structure allows us to provide links directly within the Rule language at the point of the requirement. Direct links to the each section/or grouped subsections is provided. The link will be either the Section title or the first subsection of the grouping.

We have included Suggestions, Tips, and Reminders throughout as appropriate. These will usually be denoted with: ** and a color block.

Linked templates/documents can be used as is, or adapted to best meet your program needs.

The PLC feels we have gathered enough linked resources at this time to activate the new Licensing Rule section. We will continue to gather resources to provide more options for programs. If you find a specific need we have not addressed please email us:

We will be correcting the copied language for any changes when the Rule is formally adopted into law, noting any changes.

It is important for every provider and staff to read through the proposed Licensing Rule to develop an overall understanding and awareness of what their unique program needs are in meeting the Rule. This Licensing Rule resource is our best effort to support you in your work.


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