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Accessing My New MRTQ PDN Certificate

(guest posted by Deborah Arcaro, PLC committee member)

The MRTQ PDN Registry Certificate is a new process and MRTQ PDN has worked hard to get this up over the weekend for providers. There have been lots of questions about how to access a certificate. The purpose of this post is to help answer some of those questions.

First you have to be part of the registry.

If you have not joined the registry the PLC has posted on that process previously. They have also posted about the incentive MRTQ PDN has starting on 3/15.

Starting from being logged in on the MRTQ PDN Registry let’s walk through the process (which I found to be quick):

Go to “My Info” and click on it. You should see “My Registry Certificate” at the bottom of the dropdown list.

Click on “My Registry Certificate”. This link should open to your certificate or like on my device to a prompt to save the certificate. My Mac computer does this:

From a screen such as this, Click “Save” to get certificate onto your device so you can open. I sent mine to my desktop. From here I have the option to print, or download.

From a smartphone, you will login on and access the certificate through the site’s menu. You go to “My Info”, find “My Registry Certificate”, click on that and your certificate is accessed directly.

You can share this electronic version.

If you do not want to play around accessing through MRTQ PDN site at the time of vaccination take a screenshot so certificate gets saved in photos. I’m thinking accessing certificate recently stored in photos at the vaccination site will be quicker.

You can also print if you want that hard copy.

I hope this helps answer some of the questions.


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