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2021 Virtual ECE Conference is Almost Here!

FCCAM encouraged providers to register for this virtual conference even if they could not attend it “live” as access to most of the presentations will be available for one year after the conference ends!

The 2021 virtual conference will be accessed through a platform called, PheedLoop. If you registered for the conference, on Monday, October 18th you’ll receive an email from PheedLoop giving you access to the virtual platform.  Whether you planned to attend “live” or access recorded presentations at a later time, go in an set up your conference profile, add a picture if you want, and explore the platform a bit. Learn more about PheedLoop and get acquainted with the virtual platform with this helpful video: PheedLoop Virtual Attendee Training

Even for those that had not planned to attend “live” you might find that you now can depending on your day’s schedule as you do NOT have to pre-register for sessions, you can just join in real time. There will be opportunities to connect and network with speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors, win prizes and books based on your participation in the virtual platform, and opportunities for real time video chats with Vendors and Exhibitors. 

For those that arranged to have a day or two at the conference we want you to also know that if you see presentations of interest scheduled at the same time, in most cases no worries, attend one “live” and watch the other as a recorded presentation.

** If your interest is in the Lisa Murphy workshops on Saturday at 10:30-12:00 and 1:00-2:30, these are not being recorded. You need to attend them “live”.


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