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Add your Voice!

FCCAM’s Public Policy Committee works jointly with MaineAEYC’s Public Policy Committee on issues that impact child care providers in Maine. The following is from MaineAEYC’s 11/17/22 Newsletter ~ It provides information on the legislative process, the difference possible paths for $12 million for child care wages and how you can add your voice.

There are two paths forward for investments in child care educator wages this legislative session.  What does this mean?
* LD 1652 and LD 1995 both have the same language to invest in a child care wage supplement program. 

* LD 1652: An Act to Build a Child Care System by Recruiting and Retaining Maine’s Early Childhood Workforce is sponsored by Speaker Ryan Fecteau and was introduced last legislative session. A public hearing was held and the bill got carried over to this session.  Last week, a work session was held by the IDEA Committee and received unanimous support.  This bill will head to the House and Senate floor for voting. 

LD 1995: An Act To Make Supplemental Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, General Fund and Other Funds is the Supplemental budget proposal from the Mills’ Administration which also included the over $12 million proposal for child care educator wage supplements.  A public hearing was held and the Health and Human Services Committee will report back to the Appropriations Committee their 7-4 to include this proposal in the budget.  The Appropriations Committee will hold a work session likely next week and then the Supplement Budget bill will head to the House and Senate for voting. 

With two paths forward, the wage supplements can either be funded through the budget (this is ideal), or “off the table” which is money left outside of the budget to fund bills. 
What can you do to advocate? 
Over the next few days you can reach out to members of the Appropriations Committee and ask them to support the proposal for over $12 million to invest in child care educator wages in LD 1955.  

You can locate members by scrolling down on the left hand side of their Committee page. Locate a member of the Appropriations Committee


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