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What is an “Everything Notebook”?

The Professional Learning Committee (PLC) is happy to be able to provide providers who are Class A members a new benefit: the “Everything Notebook”. While many of FCCAM’s resources are available to all providers, this tool is only available to providers who are current Class A members.

FCCAM’s Mission is to unify, promote and strengthen quality professional family child care in Maine.  As fellow family child care providers, the PLC understands the work and time involved to operate a small business that provides the service of caring for children. The PLC has pulled together the “Everything Notebook” in support of sustaining our businesses and providing the best care for children and their families. 

The idea of this “Everything Notebook” started from discussions around compliance for the current Licensing Rule, while reflecting on the ongoing issue of time management. The PLC sees the “Everything Notebook” as a tool that can help FCC providers manage the paperwork that goes along with operating a family child care. Recognizing that each family child care business is unique, this tool is not a one size fits all, but rather built so providers can pull from it to meets their individual needs. It is a tool providers will be able to adapt when future changes come to the Licensing Rule, QRIS, subsidy, etc.

The “Everything Notebook” will be available to providers who are Class A members in 2 formats: digital format and hardcopy, as a 3-ring binder with clear sleeves and printed checklist. Class A members have all been sent an email with links for both formats. Both formats will also be added to the members’ only section of the website.

The digital format is built in google drive as sheets to be able to download, add a shortcut or copy directly to a gmail account. The 3-ring binder and contents will be mail to members that request them.

The PLC see future checklists being built for addition to the “Everything Notebook” as the need arises. Providers can also add checklists they have developed.

Current “Everything Notebook” Contents

Licensing Items

Individual items specific to maintaining your license. 

Licensing Records

As a small business, FCC Providers are required to manage their records so they are easy to access and read. Required records cover children, volunteers and any staff. Records also cover certain business practices, such as fire drills. Records on children are to be maintained for 3 years following termination of care. It is best practice to maintain these records until children reach age 18. Other records have specific requirements on retention.

Policies for Parent Handbook

The Licensing Rule requires a number of policies to be shared in your Parent Handbook. Providers may choose the order they present the policies in, the manner in which policies are written and any additional policies they create. Policies are to be clear about expectations, responsibility and procedure. 

Policies for Staff Handbook

The Licensing Rule requires a number of policies specific to staff expectations and responsibilities. These make up the Staff Handbook. This handbook does not need to be shared with parents. Sole Providers can approach this requirement in 2 ways: you can write a staff handbook or you can state you are a sole provider and close when you cannot provide care. You also then need to include all the policy areas within your Parent Handbook.

Contractual Packet

This section includes anything the Licensing Rule requires you to have parental signatures for. Many of these items are part of a Child’s Record. 

Emergency Preparedness Plan

This can be self designed or be built from the YIKES plan shared by Licensing Specialists. 

Food Program

The food program (CACFP) is a voluntary program that many providers in Maine participate in.


FCCAM works to unify, promote and strengthen quality professional family child care in Maine. We understand the critical role of child care providers in the lives of children and families. Through collaboration with other organizations we work to increase awareness of our profession and the value of a strong child care system to Maine's diverse communities.