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Enrolling in MRTQ On Demand Trainings

The Professional Learning Committee of FCCAM has been hearing that providers are having difficulty accessing Maine Roads To Quality On Demand Training. We hope this post will provide a walk through that helps you in navigating On Demand Training enrollment.

It starts by accessing Maine Roads To Quality. There are multiple ways to get to the “Online Training” section you want.

  • If you are comfortable logging into your MRTQ Registry account start there.

You will click on the green button under “Online Training”.


  • Start from the MRTQ home page. Hover over “Training” and a drop down menu list will appear.
  • You will find “On Demand Training” almost at the end of this drop down list.
  • Click “On Demand Training”.

Both of these options get you to a page that currently looks similar to this:

You can access all your registry information, account log off, Professional Development Profile, etc. from this page.

Notice the green “Access Online Training” button.

Clicking on this button gets you to any MRTQ Trainings you are currently enrolled in. (It also gets you to the Quality Improvement Toolkit if you have already enrolled in it for ongoing access.) The open page should looks similar to this:

If you are signing up for a NEW training you will skip over this “Access Online Training” button and begin to scroll down through the listing of available On Demand Training.

Once you find the training you are looking for or one of interest, stop and check out the button that follows the training description. That button will be either gray or green.

  • Gray means the training is NOT available for you to enroll in. You may have already taken it, it may be a training you started and have not completed, or it might need another training to be taken first. The message in the gray button will tell you the specific reason.
  • Green “Enroll” means the training is available to be enrolled in. Click the button and a new page will open where you can enroll and begin the training.

Once you enroll in a class further access is gained from that green “Access Online Training” button found at the top of the On Demand Training page.

Note: If you see this pinkish box it means you have a training in process that you have not completed. All annual uncompleted trainings are wiped clean at year’s end.

Example: I clicked the green enroll button under “Your Professional Development Portfolio” and my next page was:

I see this question about “If you need to register”, but I thought the enroll button registered me? Why didn’t it open right up to the training?

Skip the block of language and scroll down a bit. You will see “My courses” and all the trainings you are enrolled in will be listed.

I found my latest enrollment at the bottom of my courses.

Click on the training title and you will be at the training itself.

Signing up for On Demand Training can be a bit confusing the first time, but it was really only two clicks once I was on the Online Training page. I scrolled to the training, clicked enroll, scrolled to the course looking for, clicked on the title and was at the active training.

Remember next time you want to access any training you have not completed use the “Access Online Training” button.


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