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Family Child Care Credential – New in 2023!

Maine Roads to Quality has a NEW credential that is specific for Family Child Care Providers. The credential has been designed to support fcc practitioners to deliver high-quality programming to children and families throughout Maine. Multiple pathways for earning this credential are available to support you whether this is your first credential or you have earned others. Decisions on awarding the Maine Family Child Care Credential will be made by the MRTQ PDN Credential Review Team, with initial credentials being awarded for three years.

Learn about MRTQ Credentials

Here’s the full FCC Credential Informational Packet. It’s a large packet, but you can take your time reading through it. In this post we’ll share some of the informational points from the packet you should be aware of early on.

The Maine Family Child Care Credential promotes early childhood workforce competence and focuses on the additional training and education practitioners need when caring for children of mixed ages.

To earn the Maine Family Child Care Credential, Applicants must:
a. Meet the formal education, experience, and training requirements.
b. Be a member of the Maine Roads to Quality Registry.
c. Submit a completed application and payment of $25 to MRTQ PDN.
d. Submit a Portfolio that demonstrates the required competencies specific to working with ages and development of children enrolled within your program.
e. Participate in a Maine Family Child Care Credential On-Site Observation.
f. Distribute, collect, and submit Maine Family Child Care Family Surveys.

Evaluation and credential decisions are based upon:
a. The applicant meeting all education, experience, and training requirements.
b. Successful completion of the Portfolio.
c. Satisfactory completion of the Maine Family Child Care Credential On-Site Observation.
d. A return rate of 75%, with an 80% positive rating on the Maine Family Child Care Credential Family Surveys (see Section 6).

MRTQ PDN has the following supports available for practitioners:
a. Cohorts will be available for practitioners to join to receive support from a facilitator and peers; cohorts generally involve participation in monthly meetings (either via conference call, video conference, or face-to-face) and individualized assistance from the facilitator on completing the Portfolio and preparing for the On-Site Observation.
b. On-site consultation is also available to practitioners pursuing the Maine Family Child Care Credential.

The Maine Family Child Care Credential requires a minimum of 120 hours of specific Maine Roads to Quality Training. There are 3 options or paths to earning the FCC Credential. The 120 hours can be earned over a 10 year period. You will see “five years” listed throughout the packet, but a decision was made to change this to 10 years because of the barrier 5 years was for working providers.

The 120 hours are composed of both FREE and paid courses. For those earning this credential upon completion there is currently the opportunity to receive a monetary award that will reimburse for the cost of courses and provide an additional monetary amount currently in the range of $500.

Option 1: For a practitioner working towards their FIRST MRTQ PDN
(including those who have an early childhood education or related degree):
A minimum of 120 hours of training within 10 years, comprised of the following:

  1. Getting Started in Family Child Care (6 hours) – FREE On Demand
  2. AND Your Professional Development Portfolio (9 hours) – FREE On Demand
  3. AND Foundations of Health, Wellness, and Safety (18 hours) – FREE On Demand
  4. AND Partners in Caring: Families and Caregivers (15 hours) – $20
  5. AND Environments in Early Care and Education (30 hours) – $30
  6. AND Strengthening Business Practice (18 hours) – varies
  7. AND CHOOSE ONE of the following Infants and Toddlers: Maine’s Early
    Learning and Development Standards OR Maine’s Early Learning Development
    Standards (30 hours) OR Links to Learning (45 hours) – varies

Option 2: For a practitioner who has attained a Maine Credential (Infant
Toddler, Youth Development, Director, or Inclusion
A minimum of 120 hours of training within the last ten years. Any trainings within the last 10 years that have already been used in the earning of a credential can not be use again for this FCC Credential.

  1. Strengthening Business Practice (18 hours)
  2. Getting Started in Family Child Care (6 Hours)
  3. Your Professional Development Portfolio (9 hours) – (**If the practitioner has completed this training within 10 years as a requirement for another Maine Credential a waiver can be issued. The 120 trainings hours of training are required regardless of the waiver.)
  4. Choose one or more from the following training. (The training chosen cannot have been used in a pathway with another Maine State Credential.):
    – Infants and Toddlers: Maine’s Early Learning and Development Standards (Bridge)
    – Maine’s Early Learning Development Standards (30 hours)
    – Links to Learning (45 hours)
  5. AND Choose from the list below to earn a total minimum of 120 required hours and meeting a minimum of 12 hours in at least five of the core competencies.
    • Creating Inclusive Youth Development Settings (30 hours)
    • Environments in Early Care and Education (30 hours)
    • Designing Early Learning: Curriculum and Assessment in Preschool (30 hours)
    • Inclusive Child Care (30 hours)
    • Working with School Aged Children and Youth (30 hours)
    • Create Equitable Early Learning Communities (20 hours)
    • Engaging in Professional Development with Adult Learners (18 hours)
    • Introduction to Infant Mental Health (18 hours)
    • Social and Emotional Learning Birth to Age 5 (18 hours)
    • Positive Supports and Challenging Behaviors (15 hours)
    • Foundations of Peer-to-Peer Networks (15 hours)
    • Collaborating with others to support Inclusion (12 hours)
    • Foundations of Universal Design and Individualizing (12 hours)
    • Stress Happens: Transforming Your Relationships to Stress (6 hours)

Option 3: A third pathway is available to those family child care professionals who have achieved two of the following Maine Credentials: Infant and Toddler, Youth Development, or the Inclusion Credential.
A minimum of 120 hours of documented family child care related education/training within ten years. The training must include at least 10 hours in each of the core competency areas for the family child care credential.
A. Child Development and Learning in Context
B. Family-Provider Partnerships and Community Connections
C. Child Observation, Documentation and Assessment
D. Developmentally, Culturally, and Linguistically Appropriate Teaching
E. Knowledge, Application, and Integration of Content in the Curriculum
F. Professionalism
G. Health, Safety, and Nutrition
H. Administration and Business Practices

Additional training requirements and considerations:

  • The 120 hours of training must be comprised of a minimum of 4.0 CEUs (40 clock hours) dated within ten years of application for the Maine Family Child Care Credential.
  • The remaining training hours can be attained in the following ways:
    • Training or workshops of two hours or less (a maximum of 30 hours can be used with this option).
    • Classes, training, or workshops facilitated by the candidate (up to 20 contact hours, limited to one time per training topic).
    • Training from a recognized agency or organization proficient in child care provider education. Recognized training sources include but are not limited to Maine Roads to Quality Professional Development Network opportunities, family child care associations, early childhood programs such as Head Start, school districts, U.S. military services, state government child care agencies, colleges, universities, vocational and technical schools.

In addition, a template for documentation of training meeting core competency areas is provided and required with application.

For providers that are interested in earning the Family Child Care Credential, start by checking to see if you have taken any of the required training in the last 10 years.

Then check the MRTQ PDN Training Calendar to see when the trainings that are not On Demand are being offered next. As these trainings are limited in offering you might want to see if any fit in your schedule and reach out to Pam Soucy to be added to a waitlist for those that have filled and/ or are not being offered at this time ( | 207-626-5258)

The On Demand classes can be fit into your schedule more easily. Remember you do not need to complete an On Demand training in one sitting. The training maintains your progress, as long as you complete it by Dec. 31st of the year of enrollment.

Any questions on the Family Child Care Credential reach out to Tammy Dwyer (| 207-956-2937) or email MRTQ Coordinator of Apprenticeship and Credential Programs ( | 207-780-4435)


FCCAM works to unify, promote and strengthen quality professional family child care in Maine. We understand the critical role of child care providers in the lives of children and families. Through collaboration with other organizations we work to increase awareness of our profession and the value of a strong child care system to Maine's diverse communities.