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Director of Record Access? What and Why?

Director of Record access enables Directors/Owners (DoR) or designated personnel
(DoRA) to access your facility’s staffing information section on the Maine Roads to
Quality (MRTQ) Registry.

Directors/Owners means Family Child Care Provider whether you are a sole provider or have staff.

Our understanding is that DoRA will be required for all programs.

 A DoRA allows access to: 

  • The Application and E-Portfolio for Rising Stars for ME
  • Specific training and staffing information in the MRTQ Registry   
  • The Child Care Choices Program Portal

Programs establishing a DoRA for the first time or reestablishing a DoRA with a new Director/Owner or designated personnel can earn a $200 Quality Improvement Award

Funds are limited and will only be available beginning March 23, 2023 until August 31, 2023, or until funding is gone. 


  • To receive the DoRA Quality Improvement Award, a program must
    • Establish or reestablish the DoRA between March 23 to August 31, 2023
    • Be enrolled in Rising Stars for ME, Maine’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS)
    • Establish a DoRA for the first time or reestablished a DoRA with a new Director/Owner or designated personnel. Note: this does apply to renewals.
    • Have DoRA-designated staff be an active MRTQ Registry member.
    • Be approved to receive payment through the University of Maine System:

Programs with a current Conditional License are not eligible for the award. Upon resolution of the Conditional License, programs are eligible for an award if funding is available. Programs must contact MRTQ PDN Registry with new licensing status information.

DoRA Application & Instructions

Important: Non-members will need to complete the MRTQ Registry application process in order to proceed with the DoRA application.

MRTQ will verifying that you are the official Director of Record (DoR) or acting in that capacity according to your license.

You must also sign the Director of Record Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which outlines your rights and responsibilities. This MOU will remain on file at MRTQ.

If you are not listed as the holder of the license issued by DHHS, you must
provide documentation from the license holder that you are authorized to use Director of Record Access. If MRTQ is not able to verify that you are the Director of Record listed on your facility’s license, we will contact you for further documentation.

DoR facility access is subject to annual renewal.

For more information about the Quality Improvement Award, please contact Karen Bergeron at or 207-653-5090. You must be an MRTQ Registry Member to apply for DoRA.


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