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FCCAM’s Story

Outreach Committee ~~

Providers have asked about the value of being a member of FCCAM, so we thought it might be good to share the Family Child Care Association of Maine’s story………. 

On November 2, 2016, ten family child care providers interested in the possibility of a statewide professional association that focused on family child care met by conference call to discuss the possibility. The big question was what was the vision for this association? There was some strong discussion about the dream association, the reality of providers supporting an association like that, discussing cost to organize, cost of membership and reality of effort needed by a small group to organize within a year.  This group of providers were ready to volunteer time and talent in this effort to support their profession and their peers.

This early working group had to: 

  • Select a name that reflected the organization and was also available 
  • Organize the governing body for the association
  • Write mission/vision, goals, bylaws, policies
  • Proceed with state filing – Articles of Incorporation
  • Begin process for federal filing non-profit status
  • Work towards state affiliation with the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)

FCCAM has been able to meet a number of the dream points discussed on that first meeting. That dream option for health insurance is still being worked on.

On Nov. 28, 2016,  FCCAM’s first Board was elected:

  • Chair /Tammy Dwyer
  • Vice-Chair /Chrissie Davis
  • Treasurer /Becki Yahm
  • Secretary /Debbie Arcaro
  • Director-At-Large /Sasha Shunk
  • Director-At-Large /Jessica Irving
  • Director-At-Large /Sara Peavey
  • Director-At-Large /Brandy Townsend
  • County Rep /Jennifer Doanne – Cumberland 
  • County Rep /Claire Beaulieu – Androscoggin

With this elected Board in place, we could proceed with the state filing of Articles of Incorporation. The next step was to begin recruiting members. We all knew how hard it was going to be to convince fcc providers to join. The first step was to show providers who we were. That meant developing a social media footprint, and setting up a website. 

December found FCCAM with a logo and beginning the work for federal non-profit 501c3 status.

The Outreach Committee sent out the first blast email to 1000+ fcc providers to introduce this new statewide association whose focus was support of family child care providers. 

Jan. 2017 found FCCAM’s Professional Learning Committee beginning collaboration work with MaineAEYC on their Spring conference to be held that year at Thomas College, in Waterville. This meant a discounted training opportunity for members. 

During this work, MaineAEYC’s Board voted to support FCCAM with monies to cover our 501c3 filing, and D&O ins. Our collaboration with MaineAEYC supports members of both associations and continues to be strong.

March 2017 finds FCCAM being contacted on collaboration opportunities by a number of groups:

  • Connecting Kids Coverage  – FCCAM was asked to support this statewide work by sending materials to providers and posting on our social media and website.
  •  iLookOut for Child Abuse connected with FCCAM to help get word out informing providers throughout the process of beginning this program in Maine.
  • NAFCC survey to gather information nationally on ece issues.
  • MaineAEYC 4/8 conference FCCAM members will receive reduced registration.
  • College and CTE campus presentations by the Outreach Committee to students in the field to introduce what family child care is and opportunities to be found there. 
  • Erikson research initiative on home-based child care support. 
  • Child Development Services on sharing materials to providers as part of CDS effort on community outreach to build understanding of CDS.

The Professional Learning Committee is building resources on the website that will be openly available for all providers. Following through on an early goal of FCCAM to establish a positive connection with Licensing, the PLC had their first conference call with Licensing Supervisors in July 2017. 

The Public Policy Committee was also providing testimonies on multiple bills that would impact FCC, especially the proposed Family Child Care Licensing Rule. Further collaboration with MaineAEYC on Fall 2017 public policy forum brought a representative from NAFCC to Maine.

The founding members of FCCAM understood that if we could find a way to provide health insurance through our association that would be a huge support to fcc providers. We met in Sept. 2017 with Community Health Options from Maine and other entities to explore that possibility. We have continued to explore options for Health Care Insurance for providers understanding first hand the financial burden this is for many of us. 

Our collaboration opportunities continue to grow: 

  • Maine Shared Services 
  • Signed as an Endorsing Member of Right from the Start 
  • Group Discussion with elected officials on importance of Policy in the professional field of Early Care and Education, CMCC

We are now a year in and time to reflect on what we have accomplished and direction moving forward.

  • How is FCCAM supporting our profession within the state?
  • Why are we doing what we are in collaboration and as a separate association?
  • Where do we focus our energies?
    • Mentoring program, policy resources, educate legislature on early ed issues
    • Collect data on town codes for opening fcc
    • Quarterly newsletter email to all fcc providers information 

Working with other organizations has proven of value as we have been able to educate/inform them about what family child care looks like and it’s value to the total child care system in Maine. We have been able to share what fcc providers need as early childhood educators. There will be a long road ahead in this, but it’s beginning.

Nov. 2017, the PLC was having discussions on the possibility of having a statewide family child care providers CoP using conference calling technology. MRTQ PDN was able to bring this idea to reality in 2018. The statewide FCC CoP has been an active CoP since then and FCCAM has been present on it since the first meeting.

Public Policy began its work with MaineAEYC to bring senators /representatives into family child care programs around the state. Education of elected officials is very important for the development and passage of bills that provide support to child care providers in Maine.

Membership was growing, but providers were proving to be a hard group to convince that it’s important to join our voices so we are truly heard.

As we entered our second year (2018), we hoped to work more with CTE and higher education programs so that their instructional courses would include information about family child care.

Our Facebook page was growing to serve as that informational page so providers were aware of what was happening in the field on the local, state and national level. 

The Professional Learning Committee continued to expand the website resources, developing the Business Toolkit. Work began on a new conference to be held in Oct., at York Community College Campus, while still engaged in others around the state. There is also a new CoP on First Steps to Family Child Care CoP being developed by MRTQ and FCCAM had been asked for a Board member to be present.

The Public Policy Committee reached out to Licensing to see if it would be possible to work on community forums to raise interest in becoming a fcc provider as well as for providers for open discussions.

FCCAM Board members are part of Maine’s Team for Strengthening FCC Quality Peer Learning  national pilot. 

Outreach sent out a Membership Relationship survey asking about how we can better support providers through making information more accessible, online training, advocacy, etc.

Nov. 2018 finds FCCAM adding PayPal invoices for membership payments and getting a Zoom account. Small changes, but provides more options for supporting providers. With Zoom available the PLC begins exploring how they can provide webinar training. A big part of this is the idea of forming Book Discussion Clubs around children’s picture books and professional books.

2019, finds FCCAM continuing to receive requests from other organizations to collaborate and to sign-on to letters. One of these was in support of Maine’s application to the Pritzker Children’s Initiative Prenatal-to-Age-Three State Grant. 

Public Policy continues their independent and collaborative work reviewing and providing testimony on bills that impact ece directly, as well as child and families. FCCAM Vice Chair attended the DC Public Policy Forum as part of a Maine Team.

The PLC Book Discussion Clubs begin. FCCAM and MaineAEYC members receive free training certificates as part of our ongoing collaboration. We received our first grant from MRTQ PDN to support our work around building training for providers. 

Outreach continues their work with CTE (Tech high schools) and higher ed. 

NPR reached out for a conference call as part of their “Deep Dive” into child care in Maine in May, 2019. This call was to be on the decline in fcc providers. A second reporter reached out about licensing changes. 

Maine’s B-5 Summit research group met in Brewer in April. This large stakeholders group, provided FCCAM the opportunity to speak up on the impact for family child care – raising awareness of the reality of how fcc can and will fit into this work.

The Board held its first annual membership meeting using zoom. 

The new Early Advisory Council of the Children’s Cabinet is required to have 2 seats for family child care providers. It is also directed that nominations come from a state association that represents fcc providers. FCCAM nominated a provider from Skowhegan and a provider from Portland for these seats. These providers are members of FCCAM, but do not represent FCCAM holding these seats. They do however bring the voice of fcc to this advisory council. These seats are available because FCCAM pushed for this representation.

FCCAM starts an Instagram acct and Pinterest Boards.

As we entered 2020, as a growing association, we reflected on our structure, changing needs, and the tools available to support our work. Communication within a statewide organization remains an ongoing concern to be as efficient as possible. 

COVID-19 impacted the face to face work of FCCAM committees, but like so many others we adapted. The Professional Learning Committee offered trainings around books sent out as part of membership through zoom during afternoon traditional rest time to make it easier for providers to attend. Additional trainings were added to our 24/7 archived trainings.

The PLC began work on an early goal of developmenting a peer to peer coaching/mentoring program.

Members of FCCAM were interviewed for multiple media pieces on the impact of COVID-19 on family child care providers. It’s good to see family child care being recognized as an important part of Maine’s child care system. 

Sadly, 2021 finds COVID-19 still having a strong impact on child care providers across Maine. 

The Professional Learning Committee continues developing training. This year all training was opened for free viewing for all providers. Training certificates are still free for FCCAM and MaineAEYC members. The cost is still minimal for non-members.

The majority of the PLC work has been divided between the conferences coming to Maine this summer and fall and developing support materials around the new FCC Licensing Rule which went into effect May 27, 2021. 

This 130th legislature has been busy, making up for the stoppage of 2020. The Public Policy Committee continues to provide testimony so legislators understand the impact of fcc providers. Our RFTS coalition work paid off when on July 12th Governor Mills signing LD 1712 into law. The work continues on other bills which are being held over.

It’s up to the family child care providers of Maine to see how this story continues…..

FCCAM’s Board is thankful for both our new members and those who show their continued support of this active association that focuses on family child care by renewing their memberships.

Interested in joining FCCAM and adding to the story? Click HERE!

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Scholarships for the 2021 NAFCC Conference

Hitting the High Notes – NAFCC 2021 Annual Conference

This year family child care providers have the opportunity to gather in person or virtually through the annual NAFCC conference. This year’s conference is being held in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, July 7 – 10, 2021.

Why attend a national conference?

To connect with family child care providers from across the nation. To experience the diverse perspectives shared during presentations and gatherings.

The NAFCC conference is open for all providers. You do not need to be a NAFCC member.

The Professional Learning Committee of FCCAM is offering 2 – $100 scholarships for this national conference. The scholarships are for either in-person or virtual.

The scholarships will be awarded to 2 FCCAM members that are attending their first NAFCC Annual Conference. Scholarship payment will be made directly to the winners after proof of their paid registration is provided.

Complete the scholarship application by June 10, 2021

The winners will be selected by lottery and notified by June 14, 2021.

2021 NAFCC Conference Registration options: (early bird registration has passed)

Full Conference

Full access to the main conference plenary sessions, breakouts,
exhibit hall and one ticket to the Saturday Awards luncheon.

After May 1: $250
After June 1: $300

Virtual Conference

Live feed of the plenary sessions, and links with recordings
of all main conference breakouts.

After May 1: $300
After June 1: $325

NAFCC 2021 Conference Registration
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Your 2021 Board of Directors

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to FCCAM’s current Board of Directors.

While a very important part of a healthy child care system, family child care is very diverse. Think sole proprietor, licensed-exempt, staffed program, Home Start connected program, or a mix of these. Then think about the ages in care? Programs serve infant/toddler, school-aged, preschool, or mixed ages. What about the program’s focus? Is it play based, nature-based, or maybe art-based? Is the curriculum self developed, purchased, or aligned with a national program like Home Start aligns with Head Start? Then there is the training behind each provider. …………..

How does one organization support this diversity?

For FCCAM it means having a growing membership that comes from every county in Maine. It’s having these members volunteering their time and talents on our Outreach, Professional Learning, and Public Policy committees. It’s having members serve on the Board of Directors.

Welcome 2021 Board of Directors! Thank you for this support of FCCAM.

The 2021 FCCAM Board of Directors continues to provide a strong representation of the diversity of family child care providers across Maine. They have a variety of years of experience in family child care and represent rural, suburban and urban areas across Maine. They are sole proprietors; licensees with staff; staff in fcc home; licensed-exempt; Home Start connected and a District Coordinator for MRTQ-PDN.

The professional experiences of the 2021 Board of Directors will continue to support FCCAM’s work to unify, promote and strengthen quality professional family child care in Maine.  

Here’s a sample of some of the professional recognitions Board members have earned:

MRTQ’s Youth Development Credential; State of Maine Inclusion Credential; MRTQ Infant Toddler Credential Level 1; CACFP Child Nutrition Professional Certification; CDA; Enrolled in or earned A.S., B.S., and/or M.S. in Early Childhood Education; NAFCC Accredited programs; 5210 Gold Sites; Quality for ME (QRIS Steps); outdoor classroom certification through Nature Explore 

Here’s a sample of some of the professional recognitions Board members have earned:

MRTQ’s Youth Development Credential; State of Maine Inclusion Credential; MRTQ Infant Toddler Credential Level 1; CACFP Child Nutrition Professional Certification; CDA; Enrolled in or earned A.S., B.S., and/or M.S. in Early Childhood Education; NAFCC Accredited programs; 5210 Gold Sites; Quality for ME (QRIS Steps); outdoor classroom certification through Nature Explore 

Members of the Board also lend their voices to organizations that work with issues around child care outside FCCAM, as well as through FCCAM partnerships. Here are some examples: Maine’s Children’s Cabinet Early Childhood Advisory Council; NAFCC Accreditation Observer/ Region Representative/ Accreditation Council member; CDA observer; Portland Starting Strong Committee; Advisory Board member for WCCC Early Childhood Program; Organizing team for annual early childhood conferences; MRTQ Team member for the Erikson Family Child Care Learning Collaborative/ Strengthening Family Child Care National Pilot; Community of Practice (CoP) facilitator; and ECE Training presenters.

It’s wonderful to see where what was a dream in 2016 stands in 2021 and where the future might lead. None of this would be possible without members stepping forward to add their time and talents. Thank you to all those that have done so over the past 5 years and those that are serving FCCAM now.

All members of FCCAM are welcome to join our active committees at any time. If you think you might be interested in joining a future Board of Directors, please let us know. Just reach out to:

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Mark Your Calendar!

Maine’s 2nd Statewide Early Childhood Education (ECE) Conference is being planned! This event will explore a wide range of topics for professionals working with and on behalf of children from birth through elementary school. Whether you can attend for just 1 or both days, the workshops offered over the two days will facilitate success in elementary schools, out of school time programming, Early Head Start and Head Start, family child care, and center-based preschool and infant and toddler settings.

Mark your calendar now to save the date! We’ll post updates on workshops and registration on the website when available.

The Professional Learning Committee of FCCAM will be making at least 5 – $50 scholarships available for our members for this conference. Information for that will come out with registration.

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New 24/7 Archived Training

The Family Child Care Association of Maine (FCCAM), from its founding has had a primary goal of providing training for providers. The Professional Learning Committee (PLC) has been charged with offering training on developmentally appropriate practices and current topics in early childhood education that supports the important work of the family child care professional. The PLC provides links on state and national trainings, as well as, development of our own trainings on our dedicated website: FCCAM Webinars. The PLC seriously considers provider feedback as it works to develop training to meet the need of family child care provides in Maine.

With newer NAFCC Accreditation Cohorts and MRTQ grants for advancement on Quality for ME, providers have recently raised questions on the usage of today’s technology within their businesses. There has also been expression of looking for training options other than zoom calls or video/recorded webinars. To this end the PLC will offer their first “written” training under the 24/7 Archived Trainings.

The “written” training is a newer style that shares the presenter’s thoughts, notes and experiences in a written format. This format resembles a blog post with sections built out for easier navigation. Material shared in a “written” training can be saved in multiple ways with the linked resources easily being bookmarked for future reference.

Google Drive in My Family Child Care (1.5 hrs) starts with setting up the free gmail account needed for Google Drive. We then proceed through initial set-up of your Google Drive, getting into specifics on Documents, Sheets, and Forms. We will discuss how a family child care provider can make use of Google Drive for business records, eportfolios, handbook, etc.

You can register for this new training from the link above or from our training website. Reminder all PLC trainings are free for members of FCCAM. This training is also free for MaineAEYC members. The training is $5 for non-members.

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Upcoming Online Children’s Book Discussion Trainings

Through a grant from Maine Roads to Quality, the Professional Learning Committee is excited to be able to continue providing books that align with our Online Children’s Book Discussion, as a benefit to our members. We all understand the importance of sharing books with children. These peer to peer discussions are about sharing our professional knowledge, expanding our skills for working with children and enhancing their learning.

The schedule for the Spring book discussions has been set. Each Discussion Group will run from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm providing 1.5 professional training hours (accepted by Maine licensing). The Children’s Book Discussion Groups are offered free to FCCAM and MaineAEYC members . It is $5 per training for non-members. Non-members will be emailed an invoice for payment through Paypal.

Participants need to join each monthly discussion separately by registering (individual links are provided below). Call information is sent out separately to all participants within a week of the scheduled training.

In addition to the online discussion, the Professional Learning Committee develops resources to support the discussion that anyone can access through FCCAM’s Pinterest boards. Expanded resources can be found throughout the Boards with pins specific to individual books under discussion being gathered in their own section under “FCCAM Book Discussions“.

We hope you are able to join the discussions.

For FCCAM members be looking for your books as they have been sent out.  The books are yours to keep, or share, as part of your FCCAM membership whether you join the discussions or not.

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We Have a Membership for You!

Family Child Care Professionals are important. The work they do is important. Having an active professional association for family child care professionals made up of family child care professionals is invaluable!

Our Outreach Committee has made it easier to become a member in 1 of our 3 Membership Classes through our streamlined online application.

Find your FIT and CLICK!

Class AFamily Child Care Licensees and their staff and/or Small Facility Licensees and their staff and/or Licensed Exempt Provider.

  • $25.00 per year for individual licensee
  • $25.00 per year for license exempt provider
  • $15.00 for staff provider of a licensee who is a current member

Class Bstudents attending a technology high school in Maine or matriculated in an Early Childhood Education program and not working more than part-time within a family child care program.

  • $15.00 per year for student

Class C Non-Voting Supporter:  individuals who understand the importance of having a strong professional association that supports family child care professionals.

  • $15.00 per year for individual supporter (No membership benefits are applicable to this class.)

Current Benefits:

  • Being part of a strong association focused on supporting you!
  • Professional membership that is recognized by Quality for ME
  • FREE training, such as, our Book Discussion Groups and 24/7 Webinar Collection.
  • FREE books that align with our Children’s Book Discussion Group
  • FREE book for participants in Professional Book Discussion Group
  • Discounts to state conferences FCCAM partners with
  • Discounts with community partners
  • Help facilitating providers learning from each other in local and statewide professional groups

If you would prefer to join FCCAM using a paper form, please email: and we will provide you with one. Please let us know what class of membership and if you need a form mailed to you or can download and print off from a pdf. If we are mailing please provide your mailing address.

For providers your FCCAM membership fee is tax deductible.

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Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC) News!

Mid-September, FCCAM submitted the following letter of nomination for the Early Childhood Advisory Council to Ana Hicks, Children’s Cabinet Coordinator. 
Ana Hicks
Children’s Cabinet Coordinator
Sept 12, 2019
My name is Deborah Arcaro, I serve as Chair of the Governance Committee of the Family Child Care Association of Maine (FCCAM). The Family Child Care Association of Maine was formed in 2016 and is registered as a nonprofit organization with the State of Maine and a 501c3 federal nonprofit. In addition, we are the State affiliate of the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC). The mission of FCCAM is to unify, promote and strengthen quality professional family child care in the State of Maine. It is our goal to achieve the highest standards in Maine’s diverse legal family child care homes, promoting the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of children by:
– Enhancing the quality of family child care.
– Strengthening and expanding the family child care network.
– Providing support through mentoring and resources for family child care providers.
– Communicating a positive image and information about the benefits of family child care to the broad community (local, state, federal) through research, advocacy, legislation and effective marketing.
– Coordinating with community and social service agencies at all levels to support children and families.
– Developing leadership and advocacy skills for family child care providers through education, training, exposure and identifying ways to be proactive.

The Family Child Care Association of Maine’s Board believes establishing one Early Childhood Advisory Council to develop and evaluate a plan for the healthy development of the State’s young children and their families is the best use of talents and resources. We know first hand that family child care professionals are an integral part of the child care structure in Maine, providing a much needed service to the diverse communities of our state, which is important in supporting the children, their families and the economy of the state. 

On June 27, 2019, FCCAM sent it’s original request for a seat on the Early Childhood Advisory Council feeling that our mission, goals, and credentials qualified our Association for representation. While FCCAM works in collaboration with other organizations within Maine that are concerned about the health and well-being of children and families, it is the only non-profit professional statewide association in Maine that offers support focused on family child care professionals.  

FCCAM provided testimony on LD 1778 “An Act To Amend the Laws Concerning the Children’s Cabinet and Its Advisory Councils”, recommending the language for (H) specifically require representation from family child care providers. We were very pleased to see the amendment to the Membership section that is requiring (I) Two persons representing statewide, membership or constituent organizations for public and private family child care providers, nominated by their organizations.  

On behalf of the Family Child Care Association of Maine’s Governance Committee, I respectfully submit the following family child care providers for consideration to fill the 2 seats under (I) on the Early Childhood Advisory Council, which will be under the direction of the Children’s Cabinet. Each of these individuals has been intentionally chosen as they not only represent the diversity of family child care providers across the state, but are actively engaged with their peers and continue to show their desire to strengthen family child care in Maine.

Chrissie Davis, Skowhegan, licensed family child care provider since 2001. Currently serves mixed-ages.Chrissie is a Home Start provider. Her program, Bouncing Bubbles Child Care, is NAFCC accredited and Step 4 with Quality for ME (Maine’s Quality Rating System). 
Chrissie’s credentials:
– Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education 
– Family Child Care CDA 
– Maine Youth Development Credential
– CACFP Child Nutrition Professional certification
– Chair of the Family Child Care Association of Maine (FCCAM)
– Chair of FCCAM’s Public Policy Committee
– Member of the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) 
– Member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and it’s Maine affiliate (MaineAEYC)
– Participates in the MRTQ Strengthening Family Child Care Collaboration 
– Participating in the ECE Policy Leadership Program

Sasha Shunk, Portland, licensed family child care provider since 2003. Currently serves mixed ages.Sasha’s program, Shunk Child Care, is NAFCC accredited and Step 4 with Quality for ME (Maine’s Quality Rating System). 
Sasha’s credentials: 
– Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Education
– Master’s of Science in Early Education (expected graduation date 2021)
– Treasurer of the Family Childcare Association of Maine (FCCAM) 
– Chair of FCCAM’s Outreach Committee 
– Member of the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)
– Member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and it’s Maine affiliate (MaineAEYC) 
– Participates in the MRTQ Strengthening Family Child Care Collaboration
– Westbrook’s Children’s Project Committee Member
– Portland’s Starting Strong Birth-5 School Readiness Committee Member
– Portland’s Workforce Development Team Committee Member

Thank you for the opportunity to nominate active family child care providers who are members of the Family Child Care Association of Maine (FCCAM) for membership on the Early Childhood Advisory Council.  

FCCAM received word in early Oct that the Children’s Cabinet voted to approve the nominations of both Chrissie and Sasha to participate in the Children’s Cabinet’s Early Childhood Advisory Council!

The Children’s Cabinet is established to promote and support active, vigorous and frequent interdepartmental collaboration on children and youth policy development and program implementation supporting the provision of services for Maine families, children and youth that are planned, managed and delivered in an integrated manner to support and enhance educational opportunities, self-sufficiency, safety, economic stability, health and well-being.
The cabinet shall collaborate to create, manage and promote coordinated policies, finances, programs and service delivery systems to support children, youth and families consistent with the purposes of this chapter.
The Maine Children’s Cabinet Early Childhood Advisory Council was created to develop, maintain and evaluate under the direction of the cabinet a plan for sustainable social and financial investment in healthy development of the State’s young children and their families.
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FCCAM Offered Trainings Starting Back Up

Providers in Maine are very lucky to have a variety of options for earning their required annual training for licensing, QRIS and Accreditation. You can find links to many of them in the “Trainings” section found on this site.

FCCAM’s Professional Learning Committee will again be offering trainings FREE for our members.

Many of these trainings will also be free for members of MaineAEYC. Cost for non-members will be low. These trainings will be starting up again in Sept. (2019). We will be posting in Facebook and in the “Trainings” section, so you can always find out what is happening.

New “Live” Webinar

We are excited to be able to start offering webinar trainings developed and presented by practicing family child care providers.

Our first offering was developed in response to the questions providers have been asking about Google Drive, such as: How does Drive work? Do I need an account? How can I use to support my fcc business?

Google 101 for Providers

or maybe a better title is: A Child Care Professional’s View of Google Drive and How It Can Support Your Business

This training will start with how to set up a free google account. Then we’ll walk through options for setting up your “Drive”. How to work with folders, sheets, forms, etc and how to use them as an fcc business owner. The walk through will be done in real time. Participants will be able to ask questions. This webinar is visually based, so you do need to be able to access by computer, or tablet / smartphone (using free zoom app) to view the shared screen.

Google 101 for Providers will be “live” on Monday, Sept 16th starting at 6:30pm. The training is scheduled to run 1.5 hrs.

This webinar is FREE for members of FCCAM and MaineAEYC. Cost is $5 for all non-members.

Registration is required. You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of your registration.

This webinar will be recorded and added to the recorded webinars collection we are building.

Our Book Discussion Groups will be starting up again.

Whether you join all the discussions these 2 groups offer or are in and out, professional relationships will be built through the sharing of knowledge and experiences among peers.

The Fall 2019 Professional Book Discussion Group will again be discussing  Discovering the Culture of Childhood by Emily Plank.

The start date has not been set at this time, but is expected to start mid-Sept, meeting 1 evening every other week (total 3 meetings). Group participation will be capped at 20. This is free for members of FCCAM and MaineAEYC or $30 for non-members. FCCAM will provide the book and discussion points to be considered for each section.

There will be a New book for Spring 2020.

The Children’s Book Discussion Group will meet online Oct.’19 to May ’20 (no Dec. meeting), on the 3rd Monday of the month from 6:30pm – 8pm.

We ask that participants come prepared to discuss the focus book(s). We all benefit through sharing activities that expand a child’s learning.

Participants need to register for each monthly discussion. Registration is done online and can be found in the “Trainings” section of the site menu.

FCCAM members will receive at least 3 of the books that will be discussed.

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AmazonSmile Meets FCCAM!

If you shop at AmazonSmile you can now support FCCAM at no cost to yourself.

AmazonSmile offers all of the same items, prices, and benefits of its you get shopping on You can even take advantage of your Prime membership benefits, sales and more. The website looks the same as the main site, except for the name amazonsmile.

2018 records show that since being launched in 2013, AmazonSmile has donated over $80 million to over 100 million non-profits.

So how does this work?

When you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation contributes 0.5 percent of eligible purchases to the charity of your choice. You can select a new non-profit each time you shop or add one non-profit to your account information. FCCAM is hoping you will chose to add us! For any eligible purchases FCCAM will earn 0.5 percent. (Amazon mobile app purchases do not apply).

There is no cost to charities or customers. Our research shows that 100 percent of the donation generated from eligible purchases goes to the consumer’s charity of choice.

Eligible purchases……

Let’s start with understanding what the 0.5 percent is figured off of. It is the amount paid for the item minus any rebates and excluding shipping & handling, gift-wrapping fees, taxes, or service charges.

There are tens of millions of eligible items on AmazonSmile, but before you click “Check Out,” it is still good to make sure your purchase qualifies. Check for the “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” stamp in the product’s description. If it is not there, the price of the product will not count towards your total donation.

“Subscribe and Save” purchases are also ineligible and Returned items are removed from the donation total.

Spread the word to families and friends and help FCCAM raise funds to support our work supporting fcc providers – and it doesn’t cost anyone anything.