LD 222 (HP185) “An Act To Prohibit Child Care Providers from Requiring Payment during Vacation Closures”

There has been a good amount of discussion among providers upon hearing of this bill that is coming before the Health and Human Services Committee on the afternoon of Feb. 13th. Following is information available from the State of Maine legislative site on this bill. Presented by Representative Michael PERKINS Michael.Perkins@legislature.maine.gov93 Willey Point, Oakland, ME … Continue reading LD 222 (HP185) “An Act To Prohibit Child Care Providers from Requiring Payment during Vacation Closures”


The Professional Learning Committee of FCCAM has been doing a good bit of research and reading about policies and contract language the past few months as we have worked to build the new "Business Tool Kit" section of this site. The work has been good for reflection on our own policies, contracts and actual practices. … Continue reading Confidentiality

Winter Safety Tips

Whether winter brings severe storms, light snow or just cold temperatures, it is our responsibility to keep the children in our care safe and warm.  The following Winter Safety Tips are from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Set reasonable time limits on outdoor play to prevent hypothermia and frostbite.  Have children come inside periodically … Continue reading Winter Safety Tips

What’s Ahead for Quality for ME?

Maine's 128th Legislature charged the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to develop and then report on a plan to increase the number of programs participating with Quality for ME, Maine's quality rating and improvement system, at Steps 3 and 4. Here is the legislative charge completed with Committee Amendment: LD 383 - An Act … Continue reading What’s Ahead for Quality for ME?

12 Hours of Training…… Let’s Get to It!

Providers in Maine are very lucky to have a variety of options for earning the required 12 hours of training annually for licensing. For those participating in the state's QRIS -Quality for ME, getting the additional required training hours for each level is also very doable. Attend face-to-face full-day conferences that are offered generally in … Continue reading 12 Hours of Training…… Let’s Get to It!

CACFP Daycare Home Sponsors by County

Androscoggin Androscoggin Head Start & Child Care      207-795-4046 Catholic Charities      207-786-0925 or 1-800-784-0157 Community Concepts, Inc.      207-739-6615 Family Focus      207-406-4573 ext. 125 Western Maine Community Action (Livermore Falls Area)    207-860-4485 or 207-645-3764  ext. 5272 Aroostook Aroostook County Action Program      207-768-3026 ext. 325 Horizons Unlimited, Inc.     207-764-6659 Cumberland Catholic Charities  … Continue reading CACFP Daycare Home Sponsors by County

Child Care Supply Improvement Act

Have you heard anything about this Child Care Supply Improvement Act? Many providers have not, yet it's about family child care and supporting those that provide this service that is so important for families across the country. For FCCAM in our support of family child care providers in Maine, this is an example of the importance … Continue reading Child Care Supply Improvement Act