Maine’s CCDF (FFY19-21) State Plan

We have posted links to the draft of the state plan and asked you to consider sending in your comment. Members of FCCAM Board and public policy committee have participated on a number of calls discussing the draft of the state's CCDF plan. Today, FCCAM submitted the following comments to be added to the public … Continue reading Maine’s CCDF (FFY19-21) State Plan

June 18th Deadline Approaching

This post is a REMINDER of an approaching Deadline for provider input. FCCAM believes it is important that providers are aware of events happening on the local, state and federal level that will have impact on their small business. FCCAM tries to provide notice on this site, through it's Facebook page and emails about just … Continue reading June 18th Deadline Approaching

Our Outside Play Yards

There has been a great deal of concern about the impact on the outside play yards of family child care programs with the Licensing Rule that went into effect 9/20/17. Concerns from providers and FCCAM were expressed to Licensing and the Health and Human Services Committee. Testimony was provided on LD 1661. The State at … Continue reading Our Outside Play Yards

Maine’s Early Childhood Day of Action, February 27th

On Feb. 28th, the Health and Human Services Joint Committee will hold another work session to continue discussion on a wide range of bills regarding child care. These bills have direct impact on family child cares. FCCAM understands that reactions to the various bills will be as diverse as Maine's fcc providers are. When FCCAM … Continue reading Maine’s Early Childhood Day of Action, February 27th

Write Testimony on a Bill?…..ummmmm…….

FCCAM has found Legislators are very open to hearing our thoughts and respect that we are speaking from first-hand knowledge about the issues that impact our small business and the health and safety of children in our care. As a statewide association whose mission is to support family child care providers, FCCAM believes it’s important … Continue reading Write Testimony on a Bill?…..ummmmm…….