Just What is MRTQ PDN?

Our next series of posts will focus on the professional side of child care in Maine. Who knows what "MRTQ PDN" stands for and who can be part of it? ~ Maine Roads to Quality Professional Development Network ~ here to promote and support professionalism in the early care and education field. Professional Development, not … Continue reading Just What is MRTQ PDN?

LD 1584 ~ ECE Workforce Bill Gets a Public Hearing 5/9/19

A public hearing has been scheduled for LD 1584 "An Act To Attract, Build and Retain an Early Childhood Education Workforce through Increased Training, Education and Career Pathway" on Thursday, May 9th. This is an Early Childhood Education workforce bill that establishes career pathways, supports career and technical education centers (CTE), an ECE apprenticeship program, funds … Continue reading LD 1584 ~ ECE Workforce Bill Gets a Public Hearing 5/9/19

4 Upcoming Public Preschool Bills (updated 5/14/19)

Update: LD 1043 was the Public Pre-K bill that moved forward. Following public hearing 5/6/19 LD 1043 was voted: OTP -AM. Workshop session has not been scheduled as of this posting. Let’s look briefly at these 4 bills……… LD 1043 changes the start date to 2020/21 school year for all school administrative units to have … Continue reading 4 Upcoming Public Preschool Bills (updated 5/14/19)

Testimony on Bills by Email Moves to On-Line Process

With the large numbers of individual testimonies being submitted by emails to committee clerks, the Legislature has created a new process to submit testimony online. With this change, if you plan to provide testimony in-person you should not use the online system. Maine's citizens are engaging beyond just voting. Our voices are being heard on … Continue reading Testimony on Bills by Email Moves to On-Line Process

Immunizations…… Required or Not?

What providers are required to have in their policy handbook regarding immunizations is being questioned more as we are seeing more daily news on disease outbreaks. Families are asking what our policies are. Providers are reflecting on their current practices and personal beliefs. Licensing requires that family child care providers, at minimum, follow state law. … Continue reading Immunizations…… Required or Not?

Licensing Infractions

As licensed family child care professionals in Maine, we have agreed to follow the Licensing Rule. This post is to inform providers of infractions following the adoption of the 2017 FCC Licensing Rule. We are sharing the list so providers are aware of what is happening within Maine in the over 900 licensed family child … Continue reading Licensing Infractions

2019 NAFCC Annual Conference

The only national conference dedicated to the field of family child care is happening at Rosen Shingle Creek hotel, in Orlando, Florida, June 19-22, 2019. There is still time to pre-register and take advantage of a member benefit: a conference layaway payment plan. You must be a current member of NAFCC through June 30, 2019. … Continue reading 2019 NAFCC Annual Conference