Renewing Members

Thank you for your ongoing membership in the Family Child Care Association of Maine (FCCAM)!

Family child care is unique and each program is unique. With so many changes facing early childhood educators it’s important to be engaged with a professional association composed of individuals, like you, who understand and are invested in Maine’s family child care community.

The leadership of FCCAM wants to hear from you. Access FCCAM’s online sites, join a committee and/or respond to our email surveys and calls to action. Please become involved and help grow YOUR association. Let’s grow a networking system that truly works for us.

Renewal Membership Classes and fees:

  1. Class A members (family home/small facility/licensed exempt)
    • $25.00 – individual provider
    • $15.00 – staff of provider who is a current member
  2. Class B members (student)
    • $15.00 – student (technology high school and college matriculated students in Early Childhood Education)
  3. Class C Non-voting members
    • $15.00 – Individual supporter

Online Membership Forms:

Online: Renewal Individual Membership

Online: Renewal Student Membership

Online Payment through PayPal

Reminder: If you do not pay using the Online Payment you will need to send a check made out to FCCAM to: Sasha Shunk, 370 Frost St, Portland, ME 04102. Please be sure to note that you completed and submitted the membership form online.