Mandated Reporter Training

The most recent (9/20/2017) Family Child Care Licensing Rule requires providers to not only make families aware that they are required by law to report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect.

Maine has an Online Mandated Reporter Resource Page where you will find the 1-800 number to call and report. You will also find a list of trainers that will provide group face-to-face mandated reporting training. For those providers looking to take a self directed online training that is also available in pdf form. This presentation was not designed to be used on a tablet or a smartphone.

At the end of the training, there is a link to go to a quiz. Click on the link, complete the form and click the button to begin the quiz.

• You must complete the quiz with an 80% accuracy rate in order to obtain a certificate of completion. You will have 2 chances to get an 80% score.

• If you do not get an 80% score; close the browser, review the presentation and try again.

The certificate of completion will be ready to print after the successful completion of the quiz. Please sure your computer is connected to a printer. You MUST print the certificate at this time.

  • The certificate will print the date the training was completed; as well as the date the training certificate expires

A refresher training Mandated Reporter Training is needed every four years.