Transportation Training

Statewide access to transportation training sponsored by the state is currently limited.

Following are approved alternative options for training:

In Person/In state:
Transporting Children Safely in Child Care: Four-hour class designed to teach participants about the importance of car seats and how to use car seats correctly for a variety of children. The class includes hands-on activities designed to build the confidence and skills necessary to transport children safely.
Call or email to register for the class which is offered based on demand: (207) 899-9461 ~

Online: Participation in a local car seat safety check is recommended if the online training option is chosen.

Part 1 – Transporting Children Safely in Child Care ~ Texas A & M Agrilife Extension

Basic Transportation and Field Trip Safety for Child Care Centers ~ Childcare Education Institute (CCEI)

Book Correspondence Course:
Transportation Safety ~ The CARE Courses School Inc.