Sample Contract and Policy Resources

The complete sample shared here will serve as a strong starting point for building your Care Agreement. Some of these samples were provided before the 2021 FCC Licensing Rule was adopted. For any requirements that are not present please check back in the Business Toolkit.

Contract & Handbook Sample 1

This Contract and Handbook sample was provider built and shared with FCCAM PLC prior to the FCC Licensing Rule change in May 2021. While a few current required items might be missing the majority are covered. The contract is here as an example for layout and language.

Contract required items checklist

A Child’s Record checklist can be use to make it easier to be sure providers have all the required records and signed permission forms for each child.

Online Care Agreement

Some providers are looking at the option of maintaining their care agreement on a business website. Here’s an example: Bouncing Bubbles Child Care

Civitas Strategies Early Start also has reliable information in regards to contracts and policies that will support you in your work with children and families.