Immunizations…… Required or Not?

What providers are required to have in their policy handbook regarding immunizations is being questioned more as we are seeing more daily news on disease outbreaks. Families are asking what our policies are. Providers are reflecting on their current practices and personal beliefs. Licensing requires that family child care providers, at minimum, follow state law. … Continue reading Immunizations…… Required or Not?

Family Child Care: A Professional Career Path

Guest post by Sasha Shunk I always had one passion in life, for as long as I can remember I wanted to be a teacher. I remember playing “school” with my younger brother. I would write math problems on the windows for him to solve. Throughout high school I participated in Future Teachers of America. … Continue reading Family Child Care: A Professional Career Path

Licensing Infractions

As licensed family child care professionals in Maine, we have agreed to follow the Licensing Rule. This post is to inform providers of infractions following the adoption of the 2017 FCC Licensing Rule. We are sharing the list so providers are aware of what is happening within Maine in the over 900 licensed family child … Continue reading Licensing Infractions

2019 NAFCC Annual Conference

The only national conference dedicated to the field of family child care is happening at Rosen Shingle Creek hotel, in Orlando, Florida, June 19-22, 2019. There is still time to pre-register and take advantage of a member benefit: a conference layaway payment plan. You must be a current member of NAFCC through June 30, 2019. … Continue reading 2019 NAFCC Annual Conference

Right from the Start Coalition

In an earlier post we introduced 3 groups that offer education and advice to the Department of Health and Human Services and the legislature. In this post we'd like to look at support for child care in Maine from the advocacy viewpoint. Think child care and then think Police, American Heart, Chamber of Commerce, Equal … Continue reading Right from the Start Coalition

What’s Ahead for the Children’s Book Discussion Group?

Well, the first discussion is behind us. For this first discussion training the Professional Learning Committee would like to say Thank You to the many early childhood professionals from across family child care, centers and public schools that joined the discussion sharing their opinions, knowledge and experiences. This open sharing supports the work we all … Continue reading What’s Ahead for the Children’s Book Discussion Group?

Children’s Growth Council, Child Care Advisory Council, and Children’s Caucus?

There are multiple groups that are working for children and families in Maine. Some work for just one viewpoint, others are focused on one topic, others are very broad. Some share stakeholders, board or council members. Some work alone while others collaborate. It's important to have some understanding of the various groups that are discussing … Continue reading Children’s Growth Council, Child Care Advisory Council, and Children’s Caucus?

Maine’s Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP)

Maine’s Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP) assists eligible families in paying for child care if they work, are enrolled in school, participate in a job training program, or are retired and the legal guardian of a child. On average CCSP serves over 4,000 Maine children and has over 800 participating providers. There is a need … Continue reading Maine’s Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP)

New!!! Professional Book Discussion Group to Start

The Professional Learning Committee is excited to be able to offer this new benefit to members of FCCAM. Through a grant from Maine Roads to Quality, in support of our Professional Learning work, FCCAM will be bringing more free training opportunities to our members. The PLC is building these training opportunities to support the continual … Continue reading New!!! Professional Book Discussion Group to Start