Immunizations…… Required or Not?

What providers are required to have in their policy handbook regarding immunizations is being questioned more as we are seeing more daily news on disease outbreaks. Families are asking what our policies are. Providers are reflecting on their current practices and personal beliefs. Licensing requires that family child care providers, at minimum, follow state law. … Continue reading Immunizations…… Required or Not?

Licensing Infractions

As licensed family child care professionals in Maine, we have agreed to follow the Licensing Rule. This post is to inform providers of infractions following the adoption of the 2017 FCC Licensing Rule. We are sharing the list so providers are aware of what is happening within Maine in the over 900 licensed family child … Continue reading Licensing Infractions

What is “Child Care Choices”? (and why is it important to know……)

Part of our job as family child care professionals is to support families in their search for care. There are multiple parts to this depending on whether we are supporting first time parents, families new to the community, maybe families with special care needs, or families that just cannot find care. Whether you have openings … Continue reading What is “Child Care Choices”? (and why is it important to know……)


The Professional Learning Committee of FCCAM has been doing a good bit of research and reading about policies and contract language the past few months as we have worked to build the new "Business Tool Kit" section of this site. The work has been good for reflection on our own policies, contracts and actual practices. … Continue reading Confidentiality

Winter Safety Tips

Whether winter brings severe storms, light snow or just cold temperatures, it is our responsibility to keep the children in our care safe and warm.  The following Winter Safety Tips are from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Set reasonable time limits on outdoor play to prevent hypothermia and frostbite.  Have children come inside periodically … Continue reading Winter Safety Tips

Our Outside Play Yards

There has been a great deal of concern about the impact on the outside play yards of family child care programs with the Licensing Rule that went into effect 9/20/17. Concerns from providers and FCCAM were expressed to Licensing and the Health and Human Services Committee. Testimony was provided on LD 1661. The State at … Continue reading Our Outside Play Yards

How Do I Start a Family Child Care Business? (Part 2: Business Plan – Budget)

In Part 1 of this series we looked at what is needed to become licensed and the policies you will need to have in place as a small business owner of a family child care.  So let’s look at the budgeting - cost of doing business - now. A sustainable small business meets the needs … Continue reading How Do I Start a Family Child Care Business? (Part 2: Business Plan – Budget)

Write Testimony on a Bill?…..ummmmm…….

FCCAM has found Legislators are very open to hearing our thoughts and respect that we are speaking from first-hand knowledge about the issues that impact our small business and the health and safety of children in our care. As a statewide association whose mission is to support family child care providers, FCCAM believes it’s important … Continue reading Write Testimony on a Bill?…..ummmmm…….

How Do I Start a Family Child Care Business? (Part1)

Becoming a family child care provider is not for everyone. It is not an easy job. When you welcome children into your home providing a nurturing, safe environment supporting their development, you are not "babysitting", but providing early childhood education. Providing early childhood education is a very important job that many find to be a … Continue reading How Do I Start a Family Child Care Business? (Part1)

Choosing the Right Child Care

What families should be looking for when searching for child care is a big question? Choosing care for a child is one of the toughest and most important decisions guardians have to make. Families know that the care they secure will have an impact on their child's development. What they are looking for impacts not … Continue reading Choosing the Right Child Care