Staff Contract/Handbook

To further help providers that also have to have a contract and handbook for staff, resource samples have been gathered here. Be sure to follow employee requirements covered under the current Licensing Rule.

When you hire someone to work in your business you must treat the person as your employee (with few exceptions). Some providers try to treat these helpers as independent contractors, but that is not correct. You must pay Social Security taxes on the wages earned by your employee no matter how few hours your employee works for you in a year. You will find a detailed discussion of federal payroll tax issues facing employers in the Family Child Care Tax Workbook and Organizer that is updated yearly. This continues to be a reliable resource regarding taxes for family child care providers. As different states have different rules it is always recommended to check with your state’s department of revenue and/or labor.

Job Description

Employee Performance Review

Staff Handbook


Sample 1: At-Will Employee Handbook

Sample 2: Employee Handbook

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