Bill Testimony

Written testimonies provided by FCCAM on legislative action and bills are listed by year.

To see the original bill language, amendments, testimony provided for public hearing and it’s process towards legislative vote the best access is through the state’s website page. Once on the page just type in the LD number, click and you will be linked to the bill information.


LD 135 “An Act To Address Issues in Funding Prekindergarten Programs” ~ LD 255 “An Act to Ensure Student Success” ~ LD 386 “An Act To Improve Operations at the Department of Education” . These 3 bills were grouped together for public hearing as bills about Child Development Services (CDS)/Early Intervention. FCCAM provided testimony of a neutral stance as the language of the bills was not complete. We worked off provided draft language.

L.D. 93 “An Act to Improve Maine’s Quality Rating System for Child Care Services”. FCCAM supported

L.D. 98 “An Act To Clarify Maine’s Statutes Related to the Licensing of
Child Care Providers”. This bill makes various changes to the laws governing the licensure of child care providers in order to ensure consistency between provider types. FCCAM supported

Regarding  the proposed 10-148 CMR Ch. 33 Family Child Care Provider Licensing Rule published December 30, 2020. Asking for additional clarification on.

L.D. 1252 “An Act To Improve Family Day Care Providers by Increasing the Number of Children Allowed To Be Cared For without Obtaining Certification”. This bill would have allowed an individual to be license exempt caring for 4 children outside their own. There was no capacity limit and no safety oversight. FCCAM opposed

L.D. 1559 Resolve, To Create the Commission To Develop a Paid Family and Medical Leave Benefits Program. Joint letter with MaineAEYC

L.D. 1652 “An Act To Build a Child Care System by Recruiting and Retaining
Maine’s Early Childhood Educators Workforce”. FCCAM supported

L.D. 1678 “An Act To Support Child Care Providers and School Readiness
through Tax Credits”. FCCAM supported

L.D. 1712 “An Act To Support Children’s Healthy Development and School
Success”. FCCAM supported

July 12, 2021 Press Release: Governor Mills Signs Bill to Expand Access to Child Care ~ New law builds on Mills Administration’s work to expand access to affordable, high quality child care

July 21, 2021 Comments On Behalf of the Family Child Care Association of Maine,  Regarding Rule for the Licensing of Child Care Facilities (10-148 CODE OF MAINE RULES CHAPTER 32). State reply to comments.


LD 1760 “An Act To Support Children’s Healthy Development and School Readiness”. FCCAM provided in person testimony in support of this bill.


LD 222 “An Act To Prohibit Child Care Providers from Requiring Payment during Vacation Closures”. FCCAM opposed

Multiple bills around funding for public preschool: LD 712 “An Act To Fully Fund After-school and Preschool Programs in the School Funding Formula, Increase the Economically Disadvantaged Student Factor in the School Funding Formula and Increase the School Construction Debt Service Limit” / LD 468 “An Act To Require That the State Fund on an Ongoing Basis a Minimum of 50 Percent of the Costs Associated with Public Preschool Programs” / LD 1428 “An Act To Require the State To Fund 50 Percent of Public Preschool Programs” / LD 1043 “An Act To Establish Universal Public Preschool Programs”

LD 1043 “An Act To Establish Universal Public Preschool Programs”. FCCAM testimony supported concept asking for amendment language that includes family child care in the solution of meeting universal public preschool.

LD 997 “An Act To Promote Social and Emotional Learning and Development for Young Children”. FCCAM supported

Response to Workforce Bill as it is undergoing initial development. This bill will be presented to the Committee On Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Business (IDEA). FCCAM’s final testimony on LD 1584 “An Act To Attract, Build and Retain an Early Childhood Education Workforce through Increased Training, Education and Career Pathways”. FCCAM supported

LD 1012“An Act To Provide Stable Funding and Support for Child Care Providers”. FCCAM supported

LD 1715 “An Act To Reorganize the Provision of Services for Children with Disabilities from Birth to 5 Years of Age”. FCCAM opposed bill with recommendation to support proposed task force to study and plan for best practice in the implementation of services has not convened or made recommendations.

L.D. 1635, “Resolve, To Improve Access to Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment Services for Children from Birth to 8 Years of Age”. This bill was submitted late as emergency and FCCAM did not have time to provide direct testimony.

LD 1778 “An Act To Amend the Laws Concerning the Children’s Cabinet and Its Advisory Councils”. FCCAM supported


LD 765 “An Act To Allow In-home Child Care Providers To Care for up to 5 Children without State Certification”

LD 1148 “An Act To Safeguard the Rights of Private Child Care Businesses”

LD 1374 “Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Assess and Improve the Availability of Child Care Services”

Regarding Work Session for LD 1661, LD 1423, LD 1474 and LD 1784


Multiple bills in 1 joint response with MaineAEYC: support: ​LD 1177, “An Act To Create an Appeals Process for Child Care Providers” – oppose: LD 765 “An Act To Allow In-home Child Care Providers To Care for up to 5 Children without State Certification” / LD 1423 “An Act To Amend Certain Laws Governing Child Care Providers” / LD 1474 “An Act To Reduce the Regulation of Child Care Facilities”


LD 269 “An Act To Provide Training for Caregivers of Children with Autism and Related Disorders”

LD 567 “An Act To Ensure Timely Expenditure of Federal Funds in the Department of Health and Human Services”

L.D. 274 “An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Working Group To Study Background Checks for Child Care Facilities and Providers” (Joint testimony with MaineAEYC)

Appeal for Review of the Rule for the Licensing of Family Child Care Providers (10-148 C.M.R., Ch. 33)