Parties engaged in early childhood education often reach out to FCCAM to support their programs or projects. Some we are able to directly respond to. Some we provide supporting information to. Some we pass information out to members and the wider provider community asking for responses. Recently FCCAM received this email: Good Morning, My name … Continue reading

Grant Opportunity!

We've just received this information on a grant opportunity that is open to Early Childhood Educators working with children birth-8​ who are interested in improving their outdoor play/learning environment by including more natural features in support of self-initiated play and child-entered learning. It is time sensitive with an application deadline of May 28, 2018.   … Continue reading Grant Opportunity!

Liability Insurance? Why?

Why do we need liability insurance when we have homeowners insurance? Liability Insurance is not required to be licensed in Maine, but it is strongly encouraged. Why is it encouraged? Homeowner insurance policies generally exclude coverage for any business operation. Although some Homeowner insurance policies allow endorsements to be purchased that protect your business. For … Continue reading Liability Insurance? Why?

Working with Children and Families Experiencing Homelessness

We are sharing a new resource recently added to the Maine Roads to Quality (MRTQ) website about supporting children and families that are experiencing homelessness. As providers we need to be informed about what homelessness is before we can begin to meet a child's need that is experiencing it. Sadly, too many children in Maine … Continue reading Working with Children and Families Experiencing Homelessness


The NAFCC Quality Standards Review Team has now released revised Quality Standards. The Team has been revising standards to reflect best practice and has focused particularly on child assessment and social and emotional development. What does this mean for you? If your program is accredited by the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) OR … Continue reading Accreditation

Why Affiliate?

Since providers started talking about the formation of a statewide association that was specifically for family child care providers one of the goals was to affiliate with a national professional association. It made sense that that association would be the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC). Why did the founding group of providers feel … Continue reading Why Affiliate?