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Help Me Grow Maine

Help Me Grow (HMG Maine) is a new program in Maine under DHHS that is available at no cost to all Maine children birth to eight and their families/caregivers.

HMG Maine requires no formal referral from a professional, no diagnostic criteria, and no paperwork to complete to begin the process.

HMG Maine is now available statewide!

Support can be accessed by both families and providers by:

The purpose of Maine adopting the HMG program is to build a better central access point that connects Maine families with children prenatal to eight to reliable information, community resources, existing serves about child development and provides follow-up.

HGM Maine works in partnership with 2-1-1 and is an affiliate of the National Help Me Grow Network

In Maine communities, there are quality early learning opportunities, health care services, agencies that supply parent support, and other types of resources that help children thrive. HMG Maine will be working to set up partnerships that work across sectors to best serve children and families within the state of Maine.

HMG Maine will maintain a current directory of available services and will connect service providers to each other to create an interconnected system.

From HGM informational releases:

Reasons to reach out to HMG Maine include:

  • You are working with a family that needs additional supports, but you are unsure what they are eligible for/where to refer them.
  • A family needs support in navigating the system of services to connect with a program or resource (CDS, Targeted Case Management, Early Care and Education settings, etc.).
  • You would like to speak as a professional with a resource specialist about what resources are available for a family you are working with, or about resources in your area in general.
  • You would like a child to receive a developmental and/or social-emotional screening through Ages and Stages Questionnaires®.