Tracking Your Work Hours

Tracking your work hours for all you do as part of a successful, sustainable child care business is important. It is also one of the areas that many early childhood educators are most likely to put off to the side, focusing their attention on the children in their care.

It’s time to start tracking the hours that you really put into your small business and your profession.

Tracking your hours actually provides for a higher wage for yourself. The higher the time/share % used when filing your yearly taxes, the higher your wage.

Supporting family child care providers in developing a process that works for them, FCCAM has pulled together the resources below. These sheets can be downloaded for printing off, or accessed through the link provided at the bottom.

Feel free to use as is, or as a template and add or subtract what works for your small child care business.

Time Sheet

Program Space Safety Checklist

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.23.01 AM.png

Clean/Sanitize/Disinfect Sheet master list:

Weekly checklist sheet:

CLICK HERE to access any of the sheets you see above.