Field Trip Permission Form

Copy of Field Trip Permission Form


_________________________ is visiting ___________________ on ________________.

Children will be transported by __________. Those using car seats will need them left at ______________________ in the morning for usage in transporting.

Will be be leaving __________________ at __________. The field trip is about 1 hour in length.

We plan on arriving back to ___________________ by __________.

In emergency please contact my cell:

——— Sign and return with child morning of field trip ————–

I understand that _________________________ will take every precaution and care to insure my child’s safety. Adults chaperones will provide proper supervision and will exercise every precaution to avoid accidents, in accordance with the state licensing regulations.

I hereby give my consent for:

(child’s full name) __________________________________

to visit: ____________________________________________

on: _______________________________

between: _______________________________

best emergency contact # during field trip:

Parent/Guardian’s Signature: