Staff Sign-off on Personal Social Media Posting

Staff Sign-off on Personal Social Media Posting

I realize actions outside of work do impact my ability to function as a trusted, responsible member of the early education profession. Online actions viewed by clients shall not contain any content, media or information by myself or others that:

  • undermines my position as a trusted, responsible early educator
  • does not properly represent the values and standards being taught to the children in the care of (child care business)
  • damages the professional image of (child care business)

This includes content posted by myself or others on the site which:

  • contains gossip, innuendo or unflattering references toward others
  • devalues clients and/or children served
  • depicts alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, inappropriate attire, illicit behavior, etc. in setting where I am present
  • is discriminatory

Any social media presence that conflicts with any of the above will be corrected through privacy settings, asking the owner to remove the content and “unlink”, and/or refusal of access to personal accounts.

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