A-C. Record Management/ Section 5. Record Management and Retention

A. Record management. Providers must comply with the following:

1. Maintain a separate file for each Staff Member and Child served. These records must be retained for a minimum of three years after the Child leaves care or the Staff Member leaves employment. Child and Personnel records must be available for inspection by the Department.

2. All Attendance Records must include date, year, start and end time of daily attendance. The list must be available for inspection by the Department and be kept on site for three years.

3. Record of actual hours worked and breaks daily. This record must be available for inspection by the Department and be kept on site for three years.

*Staff and volunteer hours need to be documented. It can be included as part of daily attendance, but with breaks uncluded might be easier on a separate form/spreadsheet. For sole providers you can more easily note your hours on the daily attendance form. Making note of any volunteer or emergency coverage.

4. Maintain a separate record of all reports of alleged Child Abuse or Neglect made in accordance with 22 MRS §4011-A.

5. A record of fire drills for the preceding three years must be available for inspection by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Public Safety, State Fire Marshal’s Office, and local fire inspectors.

6. A record of rabies vaccinations for all pets on the Premises.

7. Providers that offer swimming and wading activities must keep a written record of the type, date, time and duration of the water safety emergency procedures training and drills required in Section 15 of this Rule.

8. The Provider must draft and follow a records management and retention policy, which must include provisions for access to Child records by Legal Guardians.

7. Providers must maintain clean, readable records in an orderly, accessible format.

*These can be written/hardcopy or online or a combination of both.

B. Falsification of records. Falsification of records is a Class D crime under 17-A MRS § 453 and may result in action by the Department.

C. Inspection of records. Records must be made available for inspection by Providers and Staff Members upon request by the Department.

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