A-D. Section 6 / Reporting Requirements

A. Provider changes. Providers must notify the Department in writing of any of the following changes or occurrences within 24 hours of occurrence. Unless otherwise indicated, the written report must be made to the Provider’s Licensing Specialist:

~ Emails count as written notice

1. Extended or permanent closure and expected date of closure;

2. Any changes to the heating system, any structural alterations, or any plans to use existing space in the facility that have not been inspected and approved. This includes any physical or structural changes in the building(s) or on the grounds such as but not limited to remodeling, renovations, playground modifications, or installation of a swimming Pool;

Any and all significant changes to licensed /approved child care space must be reported to the Department. This would include adding a zone to an existing heating system, but would not include things such as painting, adding sand for children to play in, or moving items within the outside play area. Approval may be necessary if the changes are significant, such as building new space or significantly renovating previously approved child care space. Communication between the Provider and the assigned Child Care Licensing Specialist may be necessary to determine if inspection by licensing, the State Fire Marshal’s Office, or town code may be required.

3. Any changes in phone numbers or email contact information.

B. Mandatory report of suspected Abuse or Neglect. Any provider suspecting Abuse or Neglect must immediately report this information to Child Protective Intake Services, 1-800-452-1999, TTY 1-800- 963-9490 which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

*SUGGESTION: Post this number on your Parent Information Board or in your 3-ring Binder. Also good to include in your handbook as part of your Mandated Reporter policy.

1. The provider must maintain documentation, not maintained in the Child’s record, that a report has been made.

2. All reporting of suspected Child Abuse or Neglect, and serious injuries of a Child who is under six months of age or otherwise non-ambulatory, must comply with 22 MRS §4011-A.

C. Reporting adverse drinking water results to the Department. Providers required to test well water as provided in Section 13 of this rule must report any unsatisfactory water quality levels to Children’s Licensing and Investigation Services within the Department within 24 hours of receiving the result.

** Water Labs certificated by the State to run the Water Tests Required for providers on private wells and for the required “first draw” lead water test required for all providers.

D. Reporting wastewater failure. The Provider must notify the Department and the local plumbing inspector if the wastewater disposal system fails to operate properly.

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