A-E. Section 19/ Nighttime Care

(*Check definition change for Night-time Care: Care between hours of 12 am and 6 am)

A. Additional rules for nighttime care. A Provider that offers Nighttime Care must comply with the requirements in this section, in addition to all other sections of this Rule.

B. Individualized care. Special effort must be made by the Provider and Staff Members to individualize care at a Child’s bedtime and awakening.

C. Rooms used for sleeping or napping. All rooms occupied for sleeping or napping must be approved by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

  1. A room above the first floor may be used for sleeping or napping if the room has two exits, with one exit leading directly to the outside, with means to safely reach the ground level.

2. (NEW) The Provider must have written approval from a Parent of each Child in care, regardless of age, to share a sleeping room with another child. School age Children must be provided with gender- specific sleeping and private dressing areas. Opposite gender siblings may share a sleeping area with written parental approval.

D. Beds and bedding. A Provider who offers nighttime care must have a safe and sturdy crib for each Infant, and a safe and sturdy bed or cot with mattress and a pillow for each older Child.

  1. The top level of bunk beds must have a safety rail.
  2. Waterbeds must not be used for Children under 36 months of age.
  3. Sheets must be changed weekly, between use by different Children, or more frequently if needed. No Child may be allowed to sleep in a wet bed.
  4. Beds arranged side by side must be at least two feet apart.
  5. Cribs for Infants must comply with Section 14 of this rule.
  6. (NEW) Mats may not be used for sleeping overnight.

E. (NEW) Supervision while sleeping. Sleeping Children must be within the Provider’s hearing, which may include the use of an audio and/or visual monitor.

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