D. Background Check / Section 2. Licensing Requirements and Procedures

D. (NEW) Comprehensive Background check. Providers, Staff Members and Household Members over the age of 18 must comply with all provisions pursuant 10-148 C.M.R Ch. 34 Child Care Provider Background Check Licensing Rule.

  1. When disqualifying information is found in any of the registries, repositories, and databases required for the background check for a Provider or Household Member or if that Provider or Household Member is otherwise ineligible because they refuse to consent to a background check or knowingly make materially false statements in connection with such a background check, no License shall be issued to that Provider.
  2. No Provider shall employ a Staff Member who has not furnished a Provider Letter of Eligibility indicating that the Staff Member is eligible, nor allow any individual known by the Provider to be ineligible under this Rule to have access to any Child in the Provider’s care.

** RESOURCES: Child Care Background Check process. This State of Maine page provides direct links to the fingerprinting process and appointment scheduling

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