A-B. Section 3/ Fees

A. Fees

  1. A licensing fee must be submitted with each application for a License, as directed by the Department. 
  2. Fees for licensing are non-refundable.
  3. (NEW) Fees for License application and renewal will be established based on an analysis of the Department’s costs for issuing the License. Fees will not exceed the cost of issuing Licenses. 
  4. Failure to submit a timely renewal application will result in the expiration of the License.
  5. The check must be made payable to the Treasurer, State of Maine.
  6. (NEW) The application fee for provisional License is $80.00.
  7. (NEW) The application fee for a temporary License is $10.00.
  8. The application fee for a full License or its biennial renewal is $160.00.

B. (NEW) Change in License. The fee to issue a revised License is $10.00. An application to revise a License is required when an Applicant seeks to increase the capacity of the License or the Applicant requests approval for construction, or a heating system requires replacement. 

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