I-K. Section 12/ Health and Medical

I. Handwashing. Handwashing must be done with soap and running water. The provider must ensure that all Adults and all Children wash their hands in at least the following circumstances:

1. Immediately before and after eating snacks and meals, including washing the hands of all Infants and toddlers before all feedings;

2. After each diaper change or toileting;

3. Before and after handling food; and

4. Before and after administering Medication.

J. Prevention of exposure to blood and body fluids. The Provider must take measures to prevent exposure to blood and other potentially infectious fluids, which may include use of disposable gloves. When touching blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions, mucous membranes, or non-intact skin, providers must:

1. Wash their hands after contact, even if gloves are worn;

2. Ensure safe waste management by immediately discarding contaminated single use items; and

3. Immediately Clean and disinfect surfaces and reusable equipment.

K. (NEW) Emergency procedures. Providers must have a procedure for responding to situations when an immediate emergency medical response is required. Staff-Child ratio must be maintained during all medical emergencies. Staff Members may be called in as necessary to maintain the required ratio. Every Staff Member must be trained to manage an emergency until emergency medical care becomes available.

~ This plan will be individual for each program. It might already be part of your Emergency/Disaster Response Plan.

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