L-O. Section 14/ Environment and Safety

L. Cribs, cots, and bedding.

1. A crib or play yard that meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety standards, available at https://www.cpsc.gov/s3fs-public/5023.pdf, must be provided for each Child up to 18 months of age.

a. No crib or play yard may be used for sleeping by more than one Child at a time.

b. Double or multi-decked cribs are prohibited.

c. Mats must be waterproof or washable.

d. Each crib must be equipped with a waterproof, firm, snug fitting mattress which is positioned within two finger widths on all sides of the crib frame. Each play yard must be used with the original mattress or a replacement specified by the manufacturer.

e. Devices of any type that restrict the movements of Children must not be used in cribs.

f. Toys including mobiles and other types of play equipment that is designed to be attached to any part of the crib must not be used.

2. Bassinets that meet CPSC safety standards may be used for Infants up to five months of age, within appropriate weight limits. A provider may not use a bassinet for an Infant who can independently lift their chest off the sleep surface.

3. Cribs, bassinets and play yards for Infants less than 12 months old must not include soft or loose bedding including, but not limited to: bumper pads, pillows, quilts, comforters, blankets, sleep positioning devices, bibs or stuffed toys. Appropriately fitted arms-free wearable blankets are permitted.

a. Cots, mats, play yards, bassinets, and cribs used by any Infant or toddler must be Cleaned and sanitized between use by different Children, when contaminated, or at a minimum of once per week.

b. All crib, bassinet, and play yard mattresses must be covered by a snugly fitted sheet.

c. Cribs, cots, beds, mats, or play yards used for sleeping must be spaced at least 2 feet apart or separated by a solid divider on one side.

4. A separate mat, bed or cot, with a blanket or sleeping bag, must be assigned to each Child under the age of five in care for longer than four hours. All bedding must be cleaned before being used by another Child. Bedding must be cleaned as needed, or at least weekly.

a. Blankets, sleeping bags, bedding, cots, and mats must be stored in a manner which ensures that sleeping surfaces are not touching or must be washed and disinfected before re-use if stored in a manner that allows sleeping surfaces to touch during storage.

b. Sheets must be washed or changed before being used by another Child. Sheets and all wearable blankets must be laundered as needed, but no less than weekly.

M. Toilet facilities. Washing and toilet facilities with both hot and cold running water and soap must be provided.

1. A step, low platform, or other means must be placed next to toilets and wash basins, for Children who need help reaching and using them.

2. Providers must not exceed a water temperature of 120° Fahrenheit in taps available for use by Children.

~ Proposed minimum temperature was removed.

3. Either disposable paper products, or clean, individually assigned wash cloths and towels may be used. Individually assigned washcloths and towels must be laundered daily.

N. Diapering/toileting. (*New placement, same requirements)

1. Children must be checked at a minimum of every two (2) hours for wet or soiled diapers and clothing, and must be changed as soon as possible

2. Wet or soiled disposable diapers must be placed in a lined, lidded container, separate from other trash or garbage and separate from play or food-preparation areas, or individually bagged and tied within a lidded shared garbage container.

3. Diapering must be done on a changing table or washable vinyl mat which is Cleaned after each use or which has a disposable single-use covering.

4. The changing table or mat must not be located in the kitchen or food preparation area.

5. Staff must wash their hands and the Child’s hands with soap and running water after each diaper change.

6. For Children using cloth diapers, the diaper must have a clean, absorbent inner lining completely contained within an outer covering made of waterproof material that prevents the escape of feces and urine.

a. Both the diaper and the outer covering must be changed as a unit.

b. Cloth diapers and clothing that are soiled by urine or feces must be immediately placed in a clean sealable bag or container (without rinsing, shaking, or dumping) and sent home that day for laundering.

c. This sealable bag or container must be stored out of reach of Children.

7. The Provider must collaborate with families to determine the best toileting practice based on the needs of each Child.

8. Potty chair receptacles must be emptied immediately after each use, rinsed, and sanitized in a sink not used for food preparation.

9. Potty chair receptacles may not be used in a food preparation area.

O. (NEW) Pets.

1. Pets must not present a danger to Children.

2. The Premises must be free of pet or other animal waste and the interior of the home must be free of pet waste odors.

3. Pet waste boxes must not be kept in food preparation or food service areas and must be covered so that Children cannot come into contact with pet waste.

4. All pets must be vaccinated against rabies, and a record of each pet’s vaccination must be retained as provided in section 5 of this Rule.

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